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    . We were losing 650,000-800,000 jobs per month when Bush left office. . We inherited Bush Unemployment 7.6%/8.1% Jan/Feb 2009. . Inherited Bush/GOP FY2009 Budget Deficit of $1.413 Trillion. . DOW now 13,000 range vs. Bush DOW 7950 when Bush left office Jan/Feb 2009. . Bush/GOP grew the Government 33% in 8 years. . Bush - National Debt Increase: $5+ trillion. DURING AN EXPANSION. . 2 Unfunded Wars. Unfunded Medicare D. 2 Unfunded Tax Cuts(that’s why they were TEMPORARY!!!). Now (albeit sluggish), . 12 Consecutive Quarters of GDP growth. . 30 Months of Private Sector job growth. . Stock Market DOW back to 13,000++ level. . New Housing Starts Up Again. . Existing Home Sales in August highest in 2+ years . Median Home Price on Sold Homes in August Increased signaling a Bottom . Over 4.5 million new jobs in the past 30 months. . According to Commerce Department data since President Obama assumed office corporate profits have climbed 68% and are now 19% above their pre-recession pe

    Corporate profits have climbed 68% and are now 19% above their pre-recession peak. . According to the Federal Reserve's quarterly "Flow of Funds" report companies are sitting on a pile of cash that's grown 38% from Q1 2009 to Q2 2011. . According to virtually all business news sources corporations have posted record profits since President Obama has been in office. (GDP) 2008 1st qtr -0.7% 2nd qtr +0.6% 3rd qtr -4.0% 4th qtr -9% (GDP) 2009 1st qtr -4.9% 2nd qtr -0.7% 3rd qtr +1.7% 4th qtr +3.8% (GDP) 2010 1st qtr +3.9% 2nd qtr +3.8% 3rd qtr +2.5% 4th qtr +2.3% (GDP) 2011 1st qtr +0.4% 2nd qtr +1.3% 3rd qtr +1.8% 4th qtr +3.0% (GDP) 2012 1st qtr +1.9% 2nd qtr +1.5%

    Don't Fear...You still did not say what Romney would do different. I'm not switching just to switch. There's no evidence that Romney will do something that's better. I'm Wyoming with our current recovery although it's sluggish. I'm not firing the Coach just to fire the Coach. I want to know specifically what the new Coach will do differently.

    To play devil's advocate, the unemployment rate is higher, and the debt is higher. The average salary in America has decreased. While America is clearly recovering, its moving a lot slower then we would hope. Republicans believe Romney would speed up the recovery, while Obama is just keeping us in a standstill. I disagree with that. A recovery is a recovery and we'd be moving a lot faster if the Republicans could compromise more.

    Man lay of the kool-aid already..

    It only shows the underlying natural recovery ability of the Free Market. IE: Even a drowning man catches his breath now and then. Obama has purposely held down this economy. It shows. Government interferance caused The Depression to linger for over a decade. Only WW2 ending it. Obama has no chance for a WW3 to end his interference. He has caused this to be the longest recovery in history. More like an enduring STALL than recovery. I know--I recall Jimy Carter clearly. Obama is doing everything to hide he is doing exactly as Carter did. Choke the economic chicken into submission. So that The State may finally control the economic engine. No more progress. No more prosperity. Just a malingering stall out we are suppose to THANK him for? Yeah, right. The U6 unemployemnt is STILL at 11% and youth unemployement STILL over 25%. Even more for black youth. Wages are still FLAT. While inflation eats away at it. Jobs need to be at an even greater amount of recovery to compensate for popuklation growth. Yet, the total number of workers and job available keeps shrinking.

    Because it's not! You have been duped by a very calculated and effective marketing spin machine, precisely why you instinctively pick up Tide instead of Cheer, or drive by Burger King and Wendy's on the way to McDonalds. Are they better? It doesn't matter, a lot of trials, thought and experimentation by highly educated people have been implemented to manipulate your decisions. Don't get defensive or deny it, we're all "victims"(for lack of better words) of the very human art of calculated persuasion. In reality, we are not better off with Obama, and Romney is probably not today's Reagan and may not be the answer. But we know what we have, why not take a different shot?

    Only if you like higher unemployment rates and a smaller workforce with Main Street struggling while Wall Street prospers. And, unless I am mistaken, Bush wasn't president in February 2009. What's next? You gonna say Bush was president until November 2009?

    Here is a fact you could check out, but of course you won't because you are a LIBERAL. In the second year of Bushes term the democrats took control of the House and Senate. they put Barney Frank in charge of the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd in charge of the Senate Banking Committee and they haven't passed a budget since. You put the two most corrupt people in congress in charge of all the banking and than you wonder why the country is on its Lips. They are Democrats, the Democrats were in charge of the US finances. Prior to this we had 52 straight months of job growth, and than the Democrats took over. Vote democrat you fool because that is what you do but these facts clearly indicate it is the democrats that are the problem. I'm not crazy about the Republicans but it is certainly a case of voting for the lesser of two evils and clearly the democrats are the worst!!!!!!!

    Why is it when liberals spout this drivel they always seem to forget that Congress at this point (where all spending bill pass) was completely controlled by Democrats. Why is it they can't seem to understand that it was Pelosi and Reid that tanked the economy not Bush?

    Your numbers are not wrong. Things are improving and going with Rommey is a return to Bush with a likely war with iran thrown in.

    Because it was the RATS controlling both congresses and they intentionally wanted to FAIL Bush and America?! Funny you never mentioned the Unemployment Rate and our debts, why is that???

    No. Government can now detain any American Citizen it wants with no trial, no jury, and no lawyer. Government can now FORCE you to enter into contract with a private company. Government can now kill anyone, for any reason, at anytime. More people are on food stamps. More people are unemployed. The debt is higher. The money printing is greater. No I would say we are not better off.

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  • Damian Crist
    Damian Crist
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    Jena Kuhic
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    Gerry Jones
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