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Payday Loan in Wyoming

    I live in Wyoming now, but plan on still staying in Jersey (at least for now). When I looked up prices on bestrentnj.com and apartments.com, rent is between $800 and $1,300 for the lowest (across the whole state - but I know it may or may not be that accurate since I know of places who have $600 to $800 rent, but unless the websites go by openings and those places don't have any openings yet - so I'm going by $1,300 as the highest low-price). Anything besides rent that I should think of? I know that I'm going to have a car with car payments and insurance, so I know I have to factor it in. Im only asking besides I started to save since 1 1/2 years ago, and I have close to $2,000 - and I know that the $2,000 wont cut it anywhere. So I know that I need to save more money. So how much should I be saving before I even consider moving out?

    You'd be lucky to get a run down 1 bedroom in a minimally safe area for $1000/month...at least in northern jersey....some inland southern ares might be cheaper. you really need AT LEAST $1000/month plus the car payment cash AFTER the rent is paid....and with that amount, money will still be tight... besides rent, you need to think of FOOD, utilities, medical care, entertainment, renters insurance (only 15-20/month), etc you generally need to have 3x the rent in monthly income.

    90% of landlords and property managers will require up to 2 years of same employment or a co-signer / parental guarantee for apartments. Best to get a room in a house that does not require you to be on the lease. best place is Craigslist. Most landlords and property managers advertise there. If you have no job when you move, you should have at least $4,500 so you can pay rent, utilities, deposit and have enough for food and expenses for 6 months. That's assuming the room is no more than $400 per month. Forget about owning a car - take the bus.

    I would want at least $5,000 plus enough for furniture and household items. Assuming you earn the required 4K a month and save half you should have enough in a year. Don't forget you are going to want services like electric, cable tv, internet a cell phone, renters insurance. You said you want to own a car so that is another major expense for insurance and gas and repairs and you will need a larger emergency fund, I suggest at least 3K emergency fund if the car isn't new.

    You must have a good job to able to afford high priced places like that. Theirs no way i could live in places that expensive. buts thats only cause im disabled with government income. Otherwise id love to live in nicer places. Anyway what are u gonna do during the months u save all your money? just sit at home and let yourself be bored? lol

    $5000-6000. $6000 minimum if you're trying for a 1300 a month apartment. You'll also need a job paying 3 times the rent amount, so 3900 a month pay to get a 1300 a month apartment.


    You will need INCOME of at least 3 times the monthly rent and a minimum of 3 months worth of rent in cash just to get a place


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