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    Seriously. This is a blunt question. How did each and every one of you here afford to buy one? Like what jobs do you have, how much do you make, and how long has it taken you to save up for one? 10 years??? Like I make $1000 (Canadian) a month, and most goes to bills! Its impossible to save anything. And then theres the motorcycle insurance you have to pay on top of it every month, which is about $156. But they're good on gas so you don't got to worry about that eh? Ok... so I've done some online looking, and for a decent low-end motorcycle it costs $5000. This really sucks. Please read on for the added updated info...

    This is extra info provided to the peoples replies and questions raised in the last post. I have a social impairment disorder. I am not able to live a normal lifestyle such as going to school, having a job, or making/keeping friends. I most likely wont be able to get more than i do now from the government, 1000/month (canadian). I'm not sure if this is nessessary but it may paint you a better picture of my unique and difficult situation. I'm 21 and I never had a girlfriend even though I am good looking. I have a mega-talent of writing and directing films, that i know will make me extremely rich. but i am doubtful it will take off anytime soon the way things are going now, in this complete state of isolation and poverty. that sort of thing can drag down a man. but i am hopeful it will jumpstart as soon as i get a friend/girlfriend and a car/bike. And I have a learning disability, which means anything about insurance/legalities/business stuff/etc is like another language to me.

    I only know the stuff i like, such as movies and music. dont get me wrong, im not dumb, i was recently tested to have a 129 IQ. but i do know that the cheapest car insurance i can get here in Ontario is around $125 provided by "Belairdirect". As for motorcycle insurance i am puzzelled. only 1 insurance quote came back for $156, provided by "Kingsway". So if anyone can help me out by directing me to more motorcycle insurance places in ontario id appreciate it. And also tell me how to combine both car and motorcycle insurance into 1 so i can get a cheaper deal. And also... what happens if ur not driving 1 of them for a while, do u just cancel it and then start it up again when u want to drive it again? Or what if ur driving 1 of them all the time, and the other rarely, what do u say to the insurance place about that? I mean if someone can just explain me these things in a format easy enough for me to understand id appreciate it.

    As for the difference between cars and motorcycles, in my opinion they both have their strengths and weaknesses. i cant do much more than speculate on motorcycles though since my only experience is riding a bicycle. But I've been driving cars for a few years and love it. cars: privacy, comfortability (eat, drink, sleep, heat, back rest, which is good for me cuz i got sort of a hunchback, etc), storage, music, safe, but bad on gas. motorcycles: no privacy, limited comfortability, no storage, no music, not safe, but good on gas, small enough to go places cars cant, and more of a freedom sense, but with no security as the car. feel free to add in stuff or elaborate. So ud probably need to wear a backpack almost everytime ur on the bike to buy groceries and bring supples and stuff right? To answer some of you... I'd obviously want the cheapest one, which from the looks of it is probably a cruiser like the honda rebel. so that would be good. I'm not interested in the sport ones.

    And the tour ones are way out of my price range. However i might like those the most as I'd love to drive back and forth the ends of the country. the cruiser can do that also right? but not as smooth as the touring ones? u see i dont know much yet and again have no experience. id like to buy whatever vehicles i end up buying with the total cash in hand. i wouldnt want it anyway else.... 1st off i dont know how to do it how you people suggested, the pay off way or whatever, 2nd that would be way too much of a stressful, worrysome hassel for me. i HATE renting or loaning. i love to just pay once and know that its mine for life and i can do what i want with it and no one can say anything about it. also thanx for the term, squids, i didnt know thats what u call em, but yes ive seen em, and they PISS Wyoming OFF. one thing ill never, EVER understand is constantly seeing really DUMB.... TEENAGERS.... in REALLY expensive vehicles. ????

    And they give good folks like me bad names, just cuz I'm around the same age of them. I just don't do that stuff, drink, smoke, do stupid stunts, blah blah blah. and now I'M stuck with a robbery of an insurance price. what a world. well thank you for listening and I'm looking forward to all your comments, stories, answers, etc, to give me a better understanding of life and the subject.

    I know your not going to like to hear this but a motorcycle is a luxury. People on welfare should be more concerned with getting there lives in order rather than luxuries. Of course you could just start blaming your entire life on your disability and give up. I am a fellow director and musician, it was all that consumed me in my younger days, I'm only 23 :-) I soon realized that I would not make alot of money right off the back doing what I loved so I needed something else. I went to school, despite my hatred for the whole "college" thing and only got my Associates in TV Production. I went through a few jobs and now take home around $43,000 - 48,000 (US) depending on how much I want to work. I still write music and short films in my spare time, and find alot of pleasure in it still. Now for the motorcycle, I bought a used 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 for $3,800 with 3,500 miles on it. I saved up for like 7 months and waited for the perfect buy too come along. I bought it cash and only carry liabilty so my insurance is like $130 a year. Hope this helps. p.s. I have had alot of girlfriends, their overrated. Although I'm very happy with my current one, anyways, Get a bike.

    Wow, I don't know your whole life story...pretty close but the only one who truly knows is you. Definitely seem to have a gift for writing. The only way I know to buy a motorcycle is to pay cash or finance. I know the insurance rates in Ontario are crazy and understand your frustration. I moved from another province making 1600.00 a month take home and paying 4000.00 a year for insurance on an old beater... now I live in Alberta, take home 4000.00- to 5000.00 per month and pay 1000.00 per month for full coverage on a new truck,new bike, and a new quad, I have a much better lifestyle when I'm home...but there are some sacrifices that had to be made, moving away from family, work very long days for weeks straight. I knew what my options were and made the choice, sometimes I'm happy with it, but sometimes I'd give it all up in a heart beat to spend time with my family again. Only you know what your options are, and only you can change things....but you really got to want it. I wish I had all the answers but the balls in your court. As for the motorcycle goes...check the auctions or a regular basis and you might get lucky. Best of luck and never give up. PS... I had a social anxiety disorder growing up, I fought it...and doing much better now, although I still talk to myself every now and then when I'm stuck in the bush for weeks.

    Belair Direct Motorcycle Insurance

    Insurance in Canada must be a lot more expensive. Motorcycle insurance is pretty cheap here, especially if its not for a sport bike. I pay $300 a year for my sporty with 3 months downtime(as I'm in Wisconsin and then the rates are a bit cheaper if you don't drive those 3 months which is winter anyway) I started off with a used bike, which I recommend to you if you are just learning. You'll save on insurance with a used bike, and if you dump it it won't break you. Also, you'll save on gas as well. I know its frustrating not having the bike you want right away, but hang in there. A used older bike might not look so nice, but its the ideal way to learn to ride. Also, I took the motorcycle safety course and really recommend that as well. You save 15% off your insurance just for taking a $70 class. Good luck , and hang in there:)

    Hi, When i was in Canada i lived in Quebec and i bought a Yamaha XJ550 seca for $250 as a none runner. I took a job and fixed it up.passed my test there....had it inspected and insured it for about $150 and plus what ever the plate fee was. I wasnt earning a great wage, but i was married so i only had half of the bills to worry about. I used the bike as my main transport all the time until november/december or when the snow and ice set it.... who gives a rats-*** about the cold!.. just wrap up more!!. I dont know where you get $5000 from... a decent motorcycle to me is one that is economical,comfortable,rides nice, handles well, stops quick. Which could be a bike around $400 upwards... say a Yamaha 550 maxim As for motorcycle insurance i used a broker that was in part of montreal and then i believe i went with bell air

    Sounds as though you are in a unique situation. This is more of an advice answer and not to sure if it will help much. It is not impossible to save the money to purchase a bike if you are willing to do odd jobs for money. Try raking leaves or picking up aluminum cans for a little extra cash, and be certain to see it as your bike money. Yes it will take a long time to save thousands , but if you are serious about tit, well you can get it done. I understand being on a fixed income but this is not so rare these days and we can accomplish what ever we set our minds to.. The only thing I can add is to say that you can use your mind to get the things you want. Forget about the chick thing till you are in a better financial place.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: How can you afford a motorcycle (UPDATED, please revisit)? Seriously. This is a blunt question. How did each and every one of you here afford to buy one? Like what jobs do you have, how much do you make, and how long has it taken you to save up for one? 10 years??? Like I make $1000 (Canadian) a month, and most goes to bills! Its impossible to save...

    I' ve got several Harleys that I bought used except a Sporster I got back in 1975. I've always wrote a check or payed cash.In Canada or anywhere else you need a car/truck for basic transportation.Motorcycles are a hobby and should be bought and used as such.You can't have everything you want in life at the age of 21 if you are working class.When you learn this life will be less stressful.Be honest with people and work hard>good things will come to you.Good Luck

    First off, you got to afford it. I started off with a dirt bike that I drove on the road to work, to make more money and learn how to drive. Second, if you have problems with comprehension on rules of driving, insurance and yada, yada perhaps it is better that you don't drive. And they(the insurance companies) do not combine(because they can) auto and motorcycle insurance. They are 2 seperate items....so you got to cancel one andstart the other. They will charge administration fees for doing the paperwork each time. Disadvantage of the bike....when it rains, you are wet. You get hit by a car (because they did not see you) you will hurt.

    For the price of a used gsxr600 you could get a new S40 -- which is on Progressive's lists of least 5 crashed and least 5 stolen motorcycles... and thus cheaper to insure. What do you want? Image, or to ride?

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