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    Im 18, i have no credit and would like to buy a car. I make between 800 and 1,200 a month. I can more than pay for the loan but no one will give me a loan because i have no credit. i also do not have a cosigner. do you guys know of any places online i can apply or anything like that? i cant even get a credit card because i have no credit! idk what else to do...

    Absolutely nobody will loan to an 18-year-old with no credit. Even if you got a credit card right now, it would take years before banks and lenders would consider giving you a dime. You need a co-signer with excellent credit to get a good APR (that is 0-1.9%). Any APR above that is going to bleed you dry in interest. Forget getting a car loan. If you can't afford the car in cash, you can't afford the car. Get a BIKE, MOPED, or 1987 Honda Accord. Again, if you can't afford it in cash, you can't afford it at all. I suggest going to your local TD Bank and opening up a checking account. It has no minimum balance and you get a debit card with the account. That will start your credit history. Even if you keep almost nothing in there, paying off your balance Wyoming FULL, EVERY MONTH will build excellent credit. Even if you only spend $5 from the account each month, paying it off in full will boost your credit score. After a year you can apply for a low-limit credit card. Discover tends to give a credit card to just about anyone, but a Visa would be a much better card for you. Get a Capital One Visa credit card after a year of building credit with your debit account. You certainly won't be getting any loans with it but you need to start ASAP. Just don't spend more than you make. I suggest Capital One because their limits are so low ($500-750 per month) that you really can't over-extend unless you pay it off mid-month, in which case you probably can afford to do whatever it is you're doing.

    Save up a bunch of money and buy a used car for cash. Or, another strategy is to ask a parent or trusted older friend to list you as an "authorized user" on their account. Sometimes that will let you piggyback onto their credit record and help you establish credit. If those don't work, see if your bank will give you a small personal loan ($250 or so) and pay that off on time, to establish credit.

    Unfortunately, at age 18, with no credit and no cosigner, you will not be able to get a loan.

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