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    We have met once. We known each other for about 8months. I live in Adamsville and she lives in California. I don't have a job, bad credit so renting a place is out of the question. I don't have a car. And will be about a year before I get caught up in life. That's if I find a job but a major company went out of business in my area and 552 people were laid off. I don't want to be selfish and have her wait. She has one year of High School left, she failed a year, shes 18. Im 21. I would really want to see how it would work out. But I got nothing. Would it be better for me to tell her to move on and find someone?

    Yes, Move On. Tell her that right now isn't a good time for you to make any promises you may in the future not be able to keep. It sounds as if your really wanting to put her first and right now your priorities need to focus on you. Let her know you need to get a car, a job, and settled and don't want to hold her back in anything that might be ahead in her future. If she decides to wait for you then that will be her choice but seeming this is a long distance relationship, you both should see other people and take it slow..

    Relationships aren't about jobs and money, they're about emotions. Just because you don't have certain things doesn't mean you shouldn't be with someone. The fact it'll be a long distance relationship is a better reason to end it than your financial problems.

    Well, does she have a place you could stay at if so move to her. She will love it. And as soon as you get there kiss her and say bye i gotta find a job, it will prove to her that you are in it for her.

    I think it would be tough with living over 3000 miles apart but if u really like her than stick with it and see how it goes. Best of luck mate please answer

I'm getting very discouraged by the recession, and I don't think it's worth it. Encouragement or Advice

  • Jamie Jenkins
    Jamie Jenkins
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    Oleta Mueller
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  • Beth Rogahn
    Beth Rogahn
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  • Linnea Howe
    Linnea Howe
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  • Bobby Treutel
    Bobby Treutel
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  • Dawn Purdy
    Dawn Purdy
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    Antonette O'Hara
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    Tod Corwin
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