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    I recently got married in Antioch but i haven't had my name or marital status changed in California. My credit is the worse and im in the middle of a foreclosure from a previous property i had bought a few years back. I don't want to affect my husbands credit in anyway and im not sure if my past credit issues will affect him in anyway and im a little skeptic about changing my name and status just yet because i don't want any of the debt collectors and stuff to bug him about it. Im also moving to another state and i was thinking that maybe it would be best if i waited until i got there to do the name and marital status change instead of doing it here in California, but im not sure if it will even make any difference. What should i do? Any advice?

    Your credit history is based on your social security number not your name.

    Your husband is not responsible for the debt that you had prior to marrying him (unless he co-signed on a loan for you). Your creditors cannot contact him about your debt (that’s illegal--privacy laws and all that). You changing your name will not affect his credit. Now, can your bad credit have any effect on him? Yes, but NOT because you change your name or because the creditors become aware that you got married. The effects can be things like: --If you apply for a loan jointly it might be denied (it probably will be with a foreclosure), because they look at both your credit reports --If you purchase something jointly--for example, a home--your creditors can place a lien against that property (but there’s a legal process they have to go through first) for your debt, because you have an interest in the property/own half of the property. I really hope you told hubby about your bad credit before you got married.

    It is all based on your social security number. I'd be more concerned if he wasn't aware of all the debt. Be sure to tell him about it and maybe still file taxes separately and have separate bank accounts til it is resolved. I'm assuming there is no pre-nup which is unfortunate for your spouse if they have good credit.

    Yep it's all with the SS# and since you're married they're going to bug him, too.

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