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    I finaced a car through Auto West Honda in Roseville California on 1/20/07 they told me as long as I was being truthful nothing should change I was 100% honest I told them I had bad credit from the start they ran my credit and seen what I had on the report I put $2,000.00 down on a 1997 Honda Accord. I drove away with the car and now on the 1/31/07 they call and tell me if I dont have a co signer that I have to return the car I was a little upset but was going to return the car today because I was working yesterday well I started to read my contract and it states they only have 10 days not bussiness days 10 regular days to contact me if I need to return the car they did not tell me until the 11th day I think that they are violating there own contract and I am afraid they are going to repo my car when Iam sleeping I called them 6 times yesterday and nobody returned my call and still have not today. Should I just return the car or should I call a lawyer? Any advice I could use it thanks!

    In all honesty, it looks like you are in the clear. But if you feel you should find some legal advice for free, do so! But your best bet would be to actually call up the car dealership and tell them about the deal through the contract and they can't take the car back on the 11th day. If worse comes to worse, then bring them to court if need be. Good luck!

    YOU ARE Athens THE RIGHT, The car dealer, should never of permitted you to leave the lot with the car if financing is not approved. Make certain that you sign NOTHING ELSE. You are being scammed, read you contract again. Does it say that you bought a car? Does it say that there is any interest? Does it say that there are payments due at a particular time? Does it say that there is a rental fee? You do need to contact a Lawyer, who will read the contract and let you know what applies in your case. The car dealer is legally not entitled to take your car if you are making payments at the correct time. This is an act of theft.

    Well if it says in the contract that they have 10 days then there out of luck the car is yours as long as your making payments on it on time they cant do anything there the ones at fault it sounds like they should have seen that you didn't have a co-signer from the start if you didn't have one make sure to keep receipts of your car payments that way if they do repo it then they cant win in court also keep your contract so if in court then the judge will see that they had ten days to tell you if you feel you need a lawyer then theres nothing holding you back from getting one you can try to find one with legal advice for free just so you know what side of the track your on and if they charge dont let it be alot make sure its reasonable

    They did a spot-delivery on you, giving you the car, having you sign finance agreements, and allowing themselves 10 days to get the loan approved. Since they can not get the loan approved, then they have to honor the contract and terms if you want to keep the car. If you do not want the car, then you can return it and give them the keys once they give you your down payment back. More than likely, you paid too much for this car, and if they could not get you approved with $2000 cash down, then it would be hard to get approved anywhere else, so really think on whether you want to keep this car or not. If you do decide to keep it, let the dealer know that you have a valid contract, and if they do threaten to reposess, then contact a lawyer, BBB, and the police if necessary.

    What would ever possess you to buy any car with high mailes like that? Wow, you are buying someone else's junk I do believe. :( As for the returning of the vehicle...get yourself a lawyer. if you were approved to drive it off of the lot, there is no reason why you can not keep the car now. If they made a mistake, so be it, the lawyer will handle that one for you. But, even though you need a need to rethink about buying another with miles that high. 15,000 per year is the allowance per vehicle. I wouldn't be buying anything with miles much over that. If you are planning to drop another motor in the car you buy, that's one thing, but don't expect to get far in a car that you have financed.

    I would contact an attorney just in case. There should ba a free consultation, and sometimes you may get good advice from a paralegal (sometimes the secretary). I would hope you gave the proper answers on the contract and took good care of the vehicle. For $2000. down, you'd expect your money back if you returned the car in good condition, if not take them to small claims court. good luck

University of phoenix scam?...?

  • Brown Ruecker
    Brown Ruecker
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  • Cordia Bergnaum
    Cordia Bergnaum
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