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    I am really confused about my situation and meeting with a counselor was a bad idea (she was about 25, talked like a valley girl, and clearly had no knowledge of my career path) so here I am yahoo answers. I started my general education (transferrable AS) at a junior college in california. I only have about 15 units left to complete it, but my husband decided to join the army and we got stationed here in the middle of Kansas. The counselor I met with on post told me that my credits were not transferrable to another junior college because they are from a different state. This made NO sense to me. So I asked about finishing my units online through my California college, receiving my Bartlett and transferring to a university here. She then explained that my degree would not be transferrable to a university outside of California! Since beginning my general Ed I have decided on a career. I am going to become an NP specializing in OBGYN. So my first step, as far as I know, would be receiving my BSN. However, i am now extremely confused on how to get it. Will I have to start all over or once I receive my AS(one way or another!) will I be able to transfer into a BSN program at a university? Also, I read somewhere that I would have to be a midwife, not a NP. Is that true because I do not want to be a widwife. I want to be a nurse practitioner, specialize in OBGYN and work either with a physician in an office or have my own practice. Any advice or assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Transferring community college classes is often tricky. But don't give up. If I were you, talk directly with a school that offers a BSN. Witichita State, KU, Washburn are a few I know off the top of my head that offer a BSN. Contact them and ask what would transfer. Schools are very different in the types of courses they will allow to transfer, so shop around. There will be some courses that won't transfer, so be prepared for some bad news. If you still need to take credits at a community college before applying, I would forget even trying to get an associate's degree. It's a mess transferring credits and to be honest, the only thing that matters is that you get the BSN-RN after your name. An associate's degree is not required for admission to a BSN program. So go for the school that will accept as much of your classes as possible for the BSN degree and forget about trying for the associates. Do make sure, however, that any classes you take a community college will transfer to the school offering the BSN. Bottom line, go to the BSN granting school and ask about what will transfer/what you need to have completed in order to apply.

    A friends measure in nursing is known as an ASN. That you may emerge as a registered nurse with an ASN degree. It's, definitely, much more specialized in nursing than the path work that you have earlier performed. All of your coursework the you have accomplished, that has a similar category at the new university, you'll get path credit score for. For instance: in the event you took accounting 1 and they have an accounting 1 class, you get credit for accounting 1. If you took fashion Merchandising one hundred and the school has no fashion courses, you are going to most commonly lose this credit score. Additionally, accounting is usually no longer part of an ASN program, the accounting credit would count in the direction of a common AA degree however not an ASN. Thus, you're 15 credits from an AA degree, however you might on the whole need more for an ASN degree. The word on the avenue is that it more commonly takes four years to get an ASN or should you begin at a 4year institution - 4 years to get a BSN. You might be probably already on the 5 year plan, if which you could you will have to begin in Kansas at a 4y application and skip the ASN. To be a Nurse Practitioner you desire a masters degree. I'm not conscious of the midwife requisites.

    As to your College credits situation: Have official transcripts sent from California to the college you are going to be attending in Kansas. The people who really know what to do will then process those courses to see if they are accepted or not. I have not attended colleges/universities in multiple states but I have attended a few and they all say the same thing: Please have official transcripts sent to us. As to BSN program, I am just guessing here: the midwife thing sounds really out there. I know quite a few medical personnel (MDs, LVNs, RNs, Medical Assistants) and have never heard anyone mention a requirement to be a midwife at any level. If you know what University you want to attend for BSN, I suggest meeting with an Advisor in their department.

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  • Franz Hoeger
    Franz Hoeger
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  • Jalon Baumbach
    Jalon Baumbach
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    Lue Boyle
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    Murray Windler
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