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    We currently rent a house for $775 a month, our landlords have indicated that they might sell the house, with an opportunity for us to buy it. We like the house but it needs a lot of work and updating and I think they are upside down on it as they are still paying a mortgage on it. We are currently trying to rebuild our credit after a chapter 13. We live well below our means right now. We own our vehicles, our monthly bills which consist of a student loan and hospital bills are about $200/mo. We are saving up for an emergency fund and for a possible down payment on a home. I have looked at mortgage calculators and they all say we can afford $250k with our income. Our income is currently right at $80k/year. If we were to put $25k down and apply for an FHA loan and say we get 5% interest and desire a 20 year loan, to have our payment be what our current rent payment is, how much would the house be, a range? Like, I'm asking a mortgage calculator question but in reverse, I want to know how much the house would have to be to keep our payment around $800/mo. Thanks!

    Assuming all your numbers, a loan amount between $120k and $125k will get you an $800/mo mortgage payment. That's a purchase price of $145k to $150k with the stated $25k down payment. This does not take into account property taxes or insurance which can add several hundred dollars depending on where you live. This does not speak to the issue of whether you could get approved.

    Whatever you do, NEVER try to do anything like a rent to own thing. Miss one month for any reason, and the whole thing is gone. What you must do is buy outright. You say you have had financial problems, don't expect to be able to get a mortgage. It will take some time to start getting a decent credit rating. Until then, no one will sell to you. Right now I have a very reasonable mortgage. Beyond the mortgage, I also pay $315 per month for insurance and taxes. That doesn't count the maintenance I must do. Such as the $200 to trim the tree limbs, the $75 to fix the fence. And more. I'm going to replace my shed, so I figure another $1000 at least. While it may not cost that much, by the time it gets installed, it will.

    1st know what paragraphs are? if u finished a Chapter anything - u will not get a mortgage for 3-5 yrs after it has finished, not filed. FHA has higher costs than conventionall loans and more hoops to jump through. suggested read, study, apply info from these. House buying kit for dummies, Tynsen. Total money make over, Dave Ramsey. you have made an assumption that most renters do. your rent is only part of the numbers. if u rent for 775 and u get a mortgage for 775 u forgot the extra 400- 700 for insurances Taxes that renters do not pay. renters do not pay to fix heaters, water piping, roofs, siding etc. redo your numbers

    MANY humans will inform you buying is healthier than renting. This is not proper 100% of the time. It is true the majority of the time, but not perpetually. Do you currently have equity in the home? Did you've money to put down? Did you buy a house that used to be on the higher finish or out of your fee range? Before you rent, be certain you might be within the correct home for you. You may absolutely need a further home. It additionally relies on where you live. In lots of markets (esp. Cornersville or the east fee) now just isn't the time to purchase. Costs are overly inflated. There are too many motives to truly answer you query. But owning is just not constantly better than renting.

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    Mandy Hudson
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    Domenic Parisian
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