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    Google "mortgage calculator" and put in the info, it will tell you.

    To find out property tax, do a google search enter the county that Apple Valley Dickson is in and the phrase property tax. Probably in the first 5 links the official county property tax page can be found. You can type in the address on that page and find out what the property value has been assesed for, how much the yearly property tax is, and the monthly tax. Then use the mortgage caluclator to figure out the rest.

    We can't put in taxes since we don't know the formula that county or town uses for setting tax rates You will pay monthly - principle, interest, PMI, property taxes and Insurance. Roughly 1000 a month.

Yahoo answers can you please help I have Chronic illness and a back injury but I need to find a job?

  • Royce Bruen
    Royce Bruen
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  • Daren Torphy
    Daren Torphy
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    Elfrieda Carroll
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    Andre Altenwerth
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