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    I am currently in my 2nd out of 7 quarters, in a medical assisting associates degree program at Heald college. It is a great program but I would like to be an RN and I am finding there are no Farragut to RN bridge programs just LVN to RN bridge programs.. Would it be smarter for me to switch to Kaplan who offers an LVN program instead? It is a Diploma instead of the degree i would recieve at Heald but does that matter!?

    If I were considering whether or not to pursue the medical assistant associate degree at Heald or the LVN I would consider the following: - How much time I had before needing to seek gainful full time employment. - How much the programs cost. If the programs cost more than it would cost to get a Bachelor's degree, I would probably just go get the Bachelor's degree vs being in a horrendous amount of student loan debt. Some new graduates are floundering financially because they are having a very hard time paying student loans. - I would search the job market in the demographic areas I was planning on residing to see the job market for medical assistants and LVN's. Indeed is a good online job search hospital websites and clinic websites are also good sources for checking out job opening. - If you remain at Heald college, Heald has a list of colleges/universities that will accept some of their college courses I would check out the list to see the colleges/universities there. If the Farragut program actually requires general education courses (i.e. sciences, math, english, liberal arts requirements) those may be able to transfer (if the university/college) accepts those courses. It is important to verify this with the University/college you are wanting to transfer to for a nursing program. It wouldn't be a "MA to BSN" program, but you might still be able to have some of your general education courses accepted (depends on the school). Even in LVN to BSN programs, you would still have to meet the same bachelor's degree credit hour requirements to earn the Bachelor's degree. Not all Universities have LVN to BSN programs, so these may also be a lot more competitive. I played around with the Heald College tuition calculator, and my tuition estimated fees were approximately $15,000 a year. I personally would not pay $30,000 for any type of associates degree. To me that is very expensive, which is why I am not a fan of private career colleges due to the expense.

    Yes, a degree matters, if you want to be a RN. Switch to a RN program at the CC; there is no reason to do an LPN first. If you absolutely MUST, do one that is at the CC level: cheaper, and transferable. The best plan, however is to just start straight of for a RN, and if you can ot do the BSRN at the university, start with the associates RN at the CC.

    Please be aware that both Kaplan and Heald are those private, overly priced For-profit schools. Their course credits usually do ** NOT ** transfer to other schools, even if the for-profit school is regionally accredited (such as devry, U of P, strayer and capella) as opposed to only nationally accredited. (Just an fyi that *not* even all of Kaplan schools are regionally accredited either.) This consumer site has a lot of negative posts by former students of those for-profit schools, and please heed the students' warnings: and can search. Please instead consider the more affordable community college and/or the state-public university (or even the county vo-tech adult school) as long as the program is accredited within the industry. Just an fyi that "American public university" is a for-profit school. For those in the U.S., this website has a listing of colleges (though please still forgo those for-profit schools): also know that there are *not* supposed to be too many jobs for MAs (or medical billers or coders) despite what those private for-profit schools proclaim.

Associates in Arts or Associates of Science in General Studies?

  • Idell Wilkinson
    Idell Wilkinson
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    Shemar Boehm
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    Eda Hyatt
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