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    I am getting ready to file form 8379 for an injured spouse claim. I aleady filed a jpint return with my wife and it was accepted but found my wifes student loan had an offset. I made $17000 this year and she got $5000 in unemployment. We were looking at a $7000 refund Does UC count as earned income? I figure I should get most all of the original refund. Anyone know of a way to calculate or of a calculator online? Thanks

    Your half and no unemployment is NOT earned income

    From personal experience two yrs ago wife filed jointly with spouse, filed injured spouse form due to spouses debt to previous taxes of 22000.00! Wife was not protected from the debt and irs kept her refund for two yrs anyway to pay on the spouses debt, in otherwords the form does no good ! Best results we got was going directly to irs office dwntwn atlanta and working directly with them in which thy expunged 98% of the debt! Saying what we paid already in the past two yrs paid the debt in full and just think we were dreading that meeting for 2 years which was better than any form your tax co. Gets you to fill out, tho if you follow thru with the form and they keep your refund you may get some of it back when you eventually have your meeting with the irs or they will wipe your slate clean with what they took already!

    Unemployment is unearned. What state are you in? Hendersonville is not a community property state. When you file the 8379, the IRS will file you as MFS and then allocate all EIC to you.

I damaged my credit, what's the damage do you think?

  • Reba Douglas
    Reba Douglas
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    Fae Kling
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    Allison Walter
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    Deron Hoppe
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