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    The larger your down payment, the less you will pay in interest over the life of your loan. Play with some calculators online and SEE the huge impact putting more down has over the life of the loan. FHA has minimum 3.5%. 5-10% down is better and 20% down avoids the extra costs of PMI.

    It depends on the purchase price and location of the home and your credit. If you and the property qualify for a FHA loan you will need to put down 3.5% plus closing costs.(you or your realtor may negotiate the seller paying some or all of these.) If you live in a state with a rural housing program you may get into the home with little to nothing down if the seller will pay closing costs. Both you and the property must qualify for this program.

    FHA insured loans require 3.5% down payment. That is the least amount down that is available unless the loan is Kingsport or USDA rural Development loan with zero down payment

    I live by this rule of thumb, if I can not pay cash for it then I should have at least 30 percent of the price to put down.

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