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    If I take out a loan of 495K for a house and the interest rate is 3.875 for a 30 yrs, what should I expect my monthly mortgage to be? how much of the mortgage amount is interest and how much of it is actual amount toward principal? Also if the property tax is about 2500 per year, how does that factor into the payment or will I get a yearly bill for that amount from the city? Thank you for your help--first time home buyer- want to make sure I understand everything!

    $495k for 30 years at 3.875% would be a mortgage payment (principle & interest) of $2,328. Initially, $1,598 of the monthly payment would go towards interest, with the remaining $730 going to the principle. As time goes on, more of the payment will go towards principle as interest will drop with a lower balance due. Property taxes and insurance are added to the payment for an escrow, usually at a straight-line rate. So your payment would be increased by approx $208 per month for property taxes (actual property taxes on that expensive of a home would be much more). Use the mortgage calculator linked below to get the payment and amortization schedule.

    The amortization schedule also plays a role when you refinance a mortgage. The rule of thumb is that an interest rate deduction of 1% or greater may be worth doing and that an interest rate deduction of 2% is almost always worth doing. The truth is, you won't really know if refinancing is worth the money until you look at the new amortization schedule because the amount owed, the interest rate, and the length of time that you plan to own the home all play a role in determining whether refinancing is cost effective.

    There are many interest rate charts on the internet. Google mortgage interest

    Google: Mortgage Loan Amortization Table don't you get a $20 book from a bookstore such as Home Buying for Dummies (not an insult, these yellow books are very good). After all, you are making one of the biggest purchases of your life. At least spend 4 hours reading. Opinion: 1/2 a million dollar home is too much to buy as a first home unless you live in Manhattan, Lawrenceburg or Los Angeles.

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