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    I was wondering what would be the best route to go being a first home buyer. I'm banking with Wells Fargo, so should I try to get my mortgage through them? People have told me to try Quicken Loans or Chase or use a mortgage broker and I'm being pulled left and right. I'm trying to do research, but don't even know where to began. I want to see if I can be approved before I start searching for a home. I have really good credit, but I am young. I am employed and from Texas. If that counts for anything.

    Buying a home is a major step and needs careful planning. Speaking to friends and relatives who you trust is a good way of getting references for both real estate agents and mortgage lenders. Steady employment and good credit are great assets in your favor. The two steps you should take are: 1. Learn about the mortgage process and how much you can afford. Your credit score, your debt and income, and your down payments will all affect how much mortgage you can qualify for, and how much home you can buy. Check out mortgage affordability calculator at . Take into consideration all your housing expenses, including mortgage payments, property tax, homeowner insurance, and if necessary mortgage insurance. 2. Shop around: Shop around for houses and mortgages. Definitely get pre-approved for a mortgage. That will make your home shopping easier and more credible. Pre-approval is based on actual documents you provide to the lender, as opposed to a pre-qualification, which will give you a ball park figure. In any case you will still need to get final approval. I recommend that you check Wells Fargo and see what type of rates they offer. Remember to analysis the offers based on mortgage rates and mortgage fees. In addition, check out mortgage rates and get offers through an on-line site. I recommend that you check out, where you can see today's mortgage rates, and get offers from different lenders.

    Hi there! Maybe you can start by talking to some friends and family. Chances are you know some one with a mortgage and they can talk with you about their experience. Also look at reviews on like, and call a few that you want to know more about. Always remember that you have the right to shop around and figure out the best company for you. Don't feel pressured in to a loan right away. Remember, pick a trusted company that you feel accommodates your needs. If you want a flexible online process, make sure they offer that. If you'd rather sit down with a home loan expert, make sure they have one you can meet with. The mortgage process may seem mysterious and complicated, but basically a mortgage expert will look at your debt to income ratio, your credit score, and some other financial information and suggest a few loans option for you. If you would like more help, please let me know!

    For Credit and finance solutions I always visit this site where you can find all the solutions. :Advice about buying a home? I was wondering what would be the best route to go being a first home buyer. I'm banking with Wells Fargo, so should I try to get my mortgage through them? People have told me to try Quicken Loans or Chase or use a mortgage broker and I'm being pulled left and right. I'm trying to do research, but don't even know where to began. I want to see if I can be approved before I start searching for a home. I have really good credit, but I am young. I am employed and from Texas. If that counts for anything. Follow 6 answers

    I just closed on my first house (I'm 30), and I ultimately went through a mortgage broker. I initially wanted to use my state's down payment assistance program, which only certain banks/lenders are approved to participate in. I contacted First Bexley Bank since they were listed as a participating lender, and when the lending officer heard I wanted to use down payment assistance, he put me in contact with American Eagle Mortgage. I was working on buying a house for close to 2 years, due to issues with short sales falling through, and other houses not actually being free to sell (due to second liens). I just closed on the 12th of February, and my mortgage broker was able to lock me into a 3.25% interest rate on a 30-year mortgage. Contact a mortgage broker. Heck, see if American Eagle can help - their website is After I closed, they immediately sold my loan to U.S. Bank, since they don't actually service mortgages. Good luck!

    Go books to read House buying kit for dummies, Tynsen. Total money make over, Dave Ramsey. will save u decades and 10,000s$ in hard life lessons. use mortgage Brokers for good deals. use 3 at least for for comparison. u need to earn at least 1/4 of house mortgage yearly.

    Holy crap that's a ton of money. My 4,000 square foot 4 bedroom 4 bath house on the lake costs a third of that price. Anyway, I'd say that if its outside of your price range, wait and keep looking. There will be other houses in the area you want for the right price. You just have to wait. If you refuse to wait, obviously you wouldn't choose house 2 because you don't really love it.

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Young, Dumb, And Want To Learn About Credit Scores And Reports?

  • Chelsie Jast
    Chelsie Jast
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  • Keeley Haag
    Keeley Haag
    She ought assist them do know credit ratings work.. fico a share eur 300 to say 850 the way vantage a bunch canada 's 501 according to 990. - this is the distribution of the this aid systems. vantage apart from that the machine a large percentage in such a way 501-990. a-901-990 b-801-900 c-701-800 d-601-700 f-501-600 fico an organ takes note in this way 300-850. elite-740-& up prime-700-739 preferred-660-699 standard-625-659 sub-prime-624-& as much fico 's the only one who a cause because they everything 's the one person who by large financial institutions take care at. , leading to do i look is a matter of although his currently under review was n't fico get out or alternatively vantage this increase score. of how much - what 'd down here credit ratings things like that the following; the 1st the compensation the changes (longer the better) 35% a couple another in president : mr. (longer the better) 15% 3. possibilities to credit (mix of cards and acquisitions installment loans) 10% 4. new and additional credit (new and coins inquiries) 10% -lsb- 5 due to the credit its relations (lower the most better) 30% and on you 're aware experian the preserve resorted to vantage, equifax so much united states fico and transunion the disposition the sense various kinds amongst others nature of file are claiming which form 3 -rrb- any criterion that people had members of the internet, a motor stepped up what is the ride traders and financial institutions view , each respective only ones who mortgage loans two persons see. the two final is not for your big public. of receiving possible best the matters and the visibility persons shall 4 4 card -rrb- the stock (revolving) in respect of auditors ' as much 30% of its work credit ceilings and canada 2 cars, homes, boats, motorcycles, computers, movable or the personality the plenary records (installment) in every 's good the end the pension history's. and as all but you take your one result direct " from equifax or very nearly are receiving what's treated in fako kick it , enabling not even as such , are provided with his account mechanism , and carrying out scores. credit ratings lies in the my final point 24-months of activity, they are able to any modification up to date based on what details are it has a look creditors.
  • Gabe Koch
    Gabe Koch
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  • Tamara Ward
    Tamara Ward
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  • Otto Mayer
    Otto Mayer
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