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    Mortgage calculators confuse me. I am young and admit I am almost completely ignorant when it comes to things like this. I do know, in my location, I could build my dream house for 400,000 --maybe even a bit less. Will a 150K salary be able to afford this... comfortably?? I don't care about money for traveling or going out a lot, etc. I would just like the security of knowing I have extra money in the bank. I would like to have (at least a little) amount of money for my future kids college expenses (though, this will be 20+ years in the future!) I lived on my own when I was in college, but I still don't think I have a good understanding on how much it really costs to "live" monthly. I never went out, barely ate (ramen noodles, anyone?) and utilites were included in my (very cheap) unit. My car is paid off, so basically, the only bills I had were my university bills. My husband and I are very eager to build our home as soon as we can. He is a former Marine, so he gets good Mulberry benefits. Can we afford a 400K house?

    You are speaking of building a home. You might would want to check out homes in the area that were built in the last 3-5 years to see if some would meet your needs. Property is not that expensive. You might remodel after a few years to bring the property more in to line with your ultimate desires. You said little of your husband's income. Is the $150,000 a combined income? As a former Marine your husband would be able to obtain a mortgage loan with no money down. to purchase a house of to have one built. Your husband would be eligible for a Mulberry no no where closing cost and mortgage origination points and fees for the mortgage loan would be rolled into the mortgage loan. This is an excellent way to obtain a mortgage loan for the veteran. The actual out o pocket expense could be around $1,500 to $2,500 to close your real estate transaction. These cost would be property insurance and any possible taxes that would be owed. You should check with a local mortgage lender that is authorized to do Mulberry mortgages, to find out your options as to which would financially benefit you. You would be able to make an intelligent decision as to build a house or buy an existing one would benefit you financially. To determine the amount of house you would be able purchase or build a formula is used that take in consideration your debts both of you would have on your combined credit report and the combined annual income you would have. The underwriter then would establish a mortgage ratio. This ratio should be between 34% and 36%. This ratio could be higher based on certain circumstances on your credit report. From one combat veteran to another veteran thanks for serving I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    Can you get approved? Yes. Can you live within your budget and not feel stretched thin at the end of the month? No. Days of pay raises and house appreciation are over.

Should I go to a community college over a university?

  • Horacio Lueilwitz
    Horacio Lueilwitz
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  • Clare McGlynn
    Clare McGlynn
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