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    Say for a joint income of £1800 per month, after tax. 1-how much could we borrow? 2-how long is a typical repayment period? 3-what sort of deposit are we looking at? are there any websites with mortgage calculators? All myself and my boyfriend are looking for is a small house 1 or 2 bed house in Norfolk. This will be our first property and we have NO IDEA where to start! Please Help!

    The general rule about how much to borrow is three times your annual income before tax. So I'm guessing you make a combined income of £2,500 per month or £30K. So you should probably borrow no more than £100,000 at the very most. Generally, with good credit you will need 5% down. Although some times you can get some of that money back as a rebate, depending on the lender. When I purchased my first home in England there was a deal where you put down 5% and they gave you back 4%. So I got in for 1% down, which was nice. But that was back in 1997, and the market was different back then. The link is to a mortgage calculator. The interest you have to pay will be determined by your credit score. You should find out what that is, so you now what you qualify for. In the UK I very much like interest only mortgages. What I did was get an interest only mortgage that required me to make a contribution to a private pension (I got one with Virgin). Each month I made a nice low house payment, and a payment to my pension. The deal was, if I didn't pay the house off by the time I retired, they could take the money owed out of my pension. But in reality, I am clearly not going to live in the same house for 40 years, so it was a good way of encouraging me to save for retirement, while the interest only mortgage paid for me to have a home with a nice low payment. In the UK where house prices rise so quickly, it's pretty rare to end up with negative equity if you buy the right place. So I would save up a deposit, talk to a mortgage banker, and educate yourself as to what's out there. If you live in Britain, you NEED to be a buyer not a renter. You can never build wealth without owning property (or at least not easily).

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    Good finance question! I know of an organization that gives up to $1500 to people to help them with their rent or mortgage. It's available in most US cities, I highly suggest you check it out. Best of Luck.

Online Auto Financing Post Bankruptcy?

  • Camren Powlowski
    Camren Powlowski
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    Julia Leffler
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    Madisyn Kunde
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    Cyril Frami
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    Vance Rutherford
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    Herman Russel
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    Gabriel Brekke
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    Estell Anderson
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    Kelsi Lang
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