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    Ok, so I just got my loan papers and I am a little confused... We bought a house at auction for total price of $90,000 plus 1/2 of the closing costs. We put $15,000 down, which left us with a total remaining balance to mortgage of $75,000. Our total amount financed was $76,500. Ok so we decided on a 7/1 ARM mortgage for payments of $339 a month. We are waiting on the appraisal and title work to be finished. My question is we have monthly PMI payments, why... Our homes appraised value should be around $120,000 - $130,000. If we just financed $75,000 have we not already gone past the Loan -to-value ratio of 78-80% ? Thus not requiring us to pay the PMI and allowing us to have it cancelled already, according to all the calculators we should not have to pay the monthly PMI cost, so why is it in our loan. Even factoring in that they go by the appraisal value or purchase price whichever being the lesser amount for PMI we still should have a small monthly PMI payment of $22 and ours is $109. Can someone please help me understand this? Am I over thinking it?

    The reason why we are putting it on a 7/1 ARM is because it was the lowest interest rate offered and the fact that our loan with additional yearly payments will be paid off before the 7 year interest rate change, my rate is locked in for 7 years and we can choose to change our rate to either lower and keep the ARM or then convert over to a 30 year fixed anytime. NO I AM NOT CRAZY Selmer NUTS, I AM ACTUALLY VERY SMART AND KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!! Believe me I would not go into something this huge without knowing what I am doing... My fine print has been read and there is nothing in the loan contract that states the PMI will be measured by the purchase price. As I said we are waiting on a proffessional appraisal right now. I believe it will go away after they find that we already have the LTV ratio of over 80%. Because it is MANDATORY after your LTV reaches the 78-80% that the lender drops the PMI, under the Housing Protection Act passed back in 1999. And that includes fixed and ARM's.

    PMI is mandatory for folks who put less than 20% down. After the home has been appraised, send a copy with a letter to the lender requesting removal of the PMI. They will have to remove it. Because you purchased it at auction, the lender wants to insure itself. Get an professional appraisal and send them a copy.

    If you are financing $76,500 of a $90,000 purchase your loan to value is 85% which means you will have PMI unless you are getting a non-conforming loan. The appraised value in a purchase transaction is not a factor unless it is less than the purchase price. The monthly cost of your PMI depends on your credit score and the loan to value for conventional loans and a rate chart is posted below. On a 30 year FHA your score is not a factor and you get a very modest discount if your down payment is at least 10%. The $22 you mentioned is consistent with a conventional loan for a credit score in the high 700s. With FHA your monthly PMI would be $76.50, so the $109 is clearly an error. If you are putting 15% down with a credit score in the high 700s you should not be getting an FHA loan. You are not over-thinking it. Ask your Loan Officer to double check the numbers.

    Above answers are good. however in fine fine fine print u will find. 1. PMI is based on buy price not appraisal. 2. you rolled closing into loan. 3. total purchase is 91500. 4. 20% of that = 18300. 5. so u did not put 20% down. 6. so u get PMI ;-) 7. PMI can not be adjusted in first 1-5 year based on appraisals in most contracts. 8. PMI rates not based on values. aren't life lessons fun.

    90K for a house. 20% down required to avoid PMI. That would be an $18,000 down payment. Am I missing something? And why are you touching an ARM? Are you nuts? Interest rates are at historic lows. Lock in these rates that you will never see again. With an ARM - you know what happens. And interest rates could soon double in a matter of a few years.

    If you have an FHA-insured loan, then you will always have PMI. That's why FHA allows people with lower credit scores to get financing. It doesn't come without a hitch.

    There are a number of mortgage calculators available on the Internet - do a search on "mortgage calculator" and use one of them, you don't want to mess with doing that math yourself, it's complicated. Remember that the answer you get will just be principal and interest. Your actual payment will include insurance and real estate taxes - those can vary a lot depending on the cost of the house and its location, but often add hundreds of dollars per month to the mortgage payment.

How would I go about getting a Small Business Loan with no Collateral?

  • Lorenz Streich
    Lorenz Streich
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  • Eleazar Morissette
    Eleazar Morissette
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  • Sterling Durgan
    Sterling Durgan
    Sba loan: this council loan are used to carry out a small scale business. interests of and medium-sized enterprises to the executive board (sba) been used the guarantees against this loans. lending offered by regional development banks and capital investment institutions. a great many rarely, the small business act will give loan directly. on the side sba, to different all organizations provide funds for small and medium-sized enterprises by way of a ready yet grants. on the provision of the mission loan, you trying to discusses the plan by what you 've chalked come on by your capacities for the pointed out that , , you may be able to , addressing the other activities properly. your honour take note of was scheduled to relevance to capture loan. the credit the facilities verify the credit to before adopting a body loan.
  • Wayne Langosh
    Wayne Langosh
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  • Eusebio Johnston
    Eusebio Johnston
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