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    I'm currently renting a guest house in San Fernando Valley, Shelbyville where I'm paying about $1,100 a month. My dad says that I'm just throwing away my money and that I should invest in a home or condo instead. I don't know if I'm ready for that big of a commitment. Here's some facts that may help: -22 years old -just graduated in May - Making $40,000 a year - would like to stay in West Los Angeles -my parents are willing to help me out in any way Questions: -What's the price range I can afford based on my salary? - is this a wise choice to buy a condo? -where do I even begin looking? -do you have general suggestions or thoughts? Thanks!

    Just a word of warning, although I agree with your Dad, under most circumstances, owning is much better than renting. However in a declining market, equity growth may not occur and actually erode. So, if the net interest payment, property insurance, and property taxes you pay after income-tax deductions is higher significantly higher than rent, buying might not be the best option. In fact $1,100 might be a pretty good deal. I'm somewhat familiar with the greater Shelbyville area, and with $40,000 income, there's not a whole lot of options in a market where $350k is a bargain. As a rough estimate, I look at 3 to 4 times annual income to determine how much house someone can afford. So in your case, that would be $120k to $160k. To get an actual figure, you should contact a local lender or use one of the many on-line calculators. A local lender will have a better sense of property tax and insurance rates for the area. Good luck!

    First of all, I want you to ask yourself, Do I really need to live in a guest house paying this amount of money?. Second, Do I like this place that much, or maybe I can move to a studio or a one bedroom apartment that could be cheaper than this place? Third, What features, or conveniences has this place versus a studio or a one bedroom apartment? If you think that getting another and cheaper place could be possible, do it. The Real Estate market is going under a lot of changes, basically originated for many lenders and real estate agents that allowed people that could not afford to buy and keep a home. Owning a home is not only about being able to make mortgage payments. There taxes to be paid, insurance and repairs. I would suggest you if you are serious about buying, to prepare yourself. First, start saving money for a down payment. With the current market, be prepare to save 3-10% of the asking price. Second, your credit score is going to determine the interest that you can get, the lower your rate is, the higher your interest rate will be. Also start shopping around loan info at your bank. Third W. Shelbyville is pricey. You can look in surroundings areas. Pros buying a condo, if you live alone, is good idea. There's always people around your property, almost all condo complexes are gated, so they have more security than a home...the cons are condos have a homeoners association fee, that you have to pay every month, and sometimes there are difficult to sell. I hope this info will be useful for you.

    With the housing market the way it is, prices are WAY down. I would definitely look into it and be open minded. Being a first time home buyer there are a lot of options available to you. Don't start looking until you get pre-qualified from a lender. I suggest a mortgage broker because they have more programs available and usually can offer you more first time homeowner incentives. These guys are really good- I've dealt with them a few times and so have a few other family members. They're upfront and explained everything. Hope this helps. Good luck.

    The way to find out how much can afford is to contact and lender and allow them to give you preapproval for a loan amount. Secondly I agree with your father is saying that continuing to pay rent is a huge waste of money when you can be investing your money into something that eventually if you decide to move you can actually get your money back out. To begin looking contact a local realtor and let them know everything that you are looking for in a home and how much you have been preapproved for. The Realtor will guide you through the entire process. Hope that helped.

    You stated some valid factors to no longer and it truly is real there are various condos on the industry. Resale and new. i'd wait till at last you're waiting to retire, and that's purely customarily. The housing and housing industry in Thailand customarily is lots distinctive than in England or united states of america of america. the 1st element i got here across grew to become into that the financial enterprise purely lend as much as ten years, a minimum of that's what i chanced on some years in the past. I doubt if that has replaced. Why? through fact the essential construction would purely final as long as ten years till now it must be rebuilt. Why? the warmth and humidity take a toll on the paint and stucco and cement. this is wonderful, nonetheless you think of you're paying for the land, which you're to a pair quantity, there remains the construction which will become worse many times interior 3-5 years till now it desires repaint and minor updates. And considerable fixes if no longer finished rehab in 10 years. Why do you think of maximum lodges, look slightly shabby even nonetheless they are meant to new. there's a dental medical institution on Ratchadapisek street, close to the Emerald lodge. I observed it open in early 2005 and maximum at present visited there in November 2009, and this is not fairly the comparable crisp new construction, it nonetheless is interior yet, exterior the glint is slightly tarnished. and it regarded extremely tarnished in 2007 whilst i grew to become into final there. I additionally asked a acquaintances relative who's a contractor and he shown approximately each and every 10 years is approximately what occurs interior the housing and construction industry. possibly greater possibly much less. So so which you would be able to purchase a older condominium now's impractical i think of purely in keeping with utilization. condominium once you're actually not there? hahaha, the lodges can not fill their rooms, they are working at 30-50 % occupancy and are heavily discounting suitable now. this is greater low value for somebody to hire a lodge room than hire a condominium. you have too lots opposition. once you get close to to retiring, examine back or shop a watch on the industry. For what you spend on procuring, each and each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days you are able to desire to probable shop on being in a lodge or your own condominium and not have the maintenance hassles or undesirable associates. sturdy good fortune

    I agree with your dad. You should go to a lender to get pre-approved for a loan. That way you will know exactly what you can afford. Then go to a reputable Realtor in your areas and have them show you what's available in your price range. If you decide on a condo, remember that they have monthly maintenance fees in addition to your mortgage.

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    Zane Lesch
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    Rafaela Stiedemann
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