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    Hi folks, I'm self employed in Smyrna and need to claim a bit more this year on taxes to get a mortgage. but don't want to over claim more than needed. I'm aiming for a 100k mortgage. talked to one mortgage lender who said I'd be safe claiming 35k. and there are numerous calculators out there but all come up with different figures. I'm looking at putting 3.5% down. and not necessarily looking to spend all of the 100k but would like to stay in the safe range of 80-100k as to not go house broke. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks a million -D

    No lender will give you more then 3 times annual salary. So 35k is the least. You need to show minimum of 2 yrs at this salary and since you are self employed requirements are very strict and your entire financial picture is studied. They want to see tax returns, bank statements and credit history

    100k Mortgage

    Legally, you must claim all of your income...anything less is considered tax evasion...a federal crime punishable by 25 years in a federal prison. Lenders will want to see at least 2 years of steady income of at least 35k-40k per year.

    Claiming anything other than what you actually made is fraud.

I just turned 18- what should I do?

  • Elinore O'Reilly
    Elinore O'Reilly
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  • Elta Balistreri
    Elta Balistreri
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    Katrine Mohr
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    Jack Jaskolski
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    Judy Thompson
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