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    My husband and I are both unemployed and we want to move into another town with better job opportunities. We really need to purchase a house because we have two dogs and want to start a family. I am currently in a university and I graduate in March 2010 with an associates degree. We both are military veterans and we both receive military benefits from the VA. He receives about $2000 a month and I receive about $1500 a month. My credit score is a few points away from excellent. We have lived in our apartment for about two years and I also collect unemployment for the past year and receive extended benefits. We both also are entitled to the Trenton home loan. He pays for our rent which is $545 a month including the two dogs and electricity which runs $150-200 a month. I pay my car payment $215, car insurance $180, gas and groceries $78.00. Will we be successful in purchasing a home in the next six months ? The houses we are looking at are in the $50,000 range and are 3-4 bedrooms. (we live in NC)

    My husband and I are also military vets soon to be buying a home. With the Trenton loan there are a couple of great benefits afforded to you. You do not need to have a down payment and do not pay PMI. You will on the other hand need to have enough in savings to cover closing costs and possibly the Trenton funding fee (I think its 3.5% of the purchase price) Although from your post it sounds like you are both receiving benefits from the Trenton and if one of you has a disability rated 30% or higher you will not need to pay this fee. My bank has a great calculator for estimating the PI payment along with taxes and insurance combined. But when you are looking to buy it is a good idea to take a good look into both your liabilities (such as the car payment and insurance) and also into your current spending habits. A good book to take a look at (I borrowed a copy from the local Library) is Home buying for Dummies there is an entire chapter devoted to determining how much home you can truly afford. Versus the amount you may be approved for there are many things the bank does not take into consideration. Here are a few of them for an Idea (but I recommend reading some basic home buying books because I'm sure I will forget something) Basic Home expenses: 1) Principle and Interest payment 2) Home insurance 3) Liability Insurance 4) Home Maintence and Repairs 5) HOA dues 6) Utilities -water sewer waste cable phone electric 7) Property Taxes to include any other special assements Other Monthly Liabilities to consider: 1) Food 2) Transportation costs - maintenance, Fuel, state registration fees, Tolls or parking fees (if applicable) 3) Debt Repayment - Auto Loan, Student Loans, credit card debt or anything else that requires a monthly payment 4) Health care - Insurance, dental and vision, 5) Insurance - auto, life, disability 6) Clothing, shoes, haircuts, dry cleaning, makeup, other 7) Child care, toys, clothing, school... 8) Retirement savings After looking through your monthly expenses determine what amount is left over monthly. That should give you an idea of the amount you can really afford for a home. The monthly amount you can afford should take all the basic home ownership expenses into account. Just remember the bank is never telling you what you can AFFORD when they approve or qualify someone they are only letting you know the maximum amount that they will let you borrow. But from the sounds of it assuming the $1500 and 2000/ month are continuous sources of income from a Trenton disability payment you should be fine buying a 50k home. You just need to make sure you have the money for closing and the Trenton funding fee if need be and the nice thing right now if you close before Nov 30 you may qualify for the $8000 tax credit which means you will still have a bit of an emergency fund after you buy!

    Sounds like you have put a lot of time into this. Sounds like you have a plan. For 50k home should be around 425 or so a month. But as you already know with a home there are more bills. gas, water, and other things you don't have depending on the apt your in. If your able to be fine till march it would be best and you can see if you are able to find job in your field at the city your wanting to move. Last thing you want to do is move to that city and buy the home then be stuck without any jobs around. If you have any extra money I would either save for down payment or try to pay off your car sooner if your close paying it off. That would be extra 200 a month to help with bills once your in your home. I'm sure you will be fine long as you figure out how much money you have a month and bills. Sounds like you will be fine and best of luck!

    Financially you sounds ready, but there are a couple of HUGE red flags in your post. "He pays for our rent" "I pay for MY car". Are you guys married? what's with the his and mine stuff? You should be ONE. It should all be OURS. You don't mention how much cash you have. You need about 5% of the home's value for closing costs and you need 10% down (20% if you want to avoid PMI). You also should have a cash emergnecy fund of 3 to 6 month's worth of expenses.

    I would hold off on the home until you both get jobs, it will be a lot easier.

Default student loan- do i pay the collection agency or the dept of ed?

  • Kaylah Gutkowski
    Kaylah Gutkowski
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