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    You will feel taken advantage of during some point of the homebuying process. The fees feel rediculous. It is both a good time to buy and in many areas prices are expected to drop in 2008 and probably in 2009 as well. Take your time and never feel pressured to make an offer or increase your bid. If you are in an area that's been hit by foreclosures, look at some of those. One thing to remember is that real estate is local. Some areas of the country did not have a price decline in 2007 and will have further price appreciation in 2008. Some areas got clobbered in 2007 and won't get much better in 2008. It is best to talk to multiple real estate agents in your area to hear if the story is consistent and what's going on. You should speak to several to determine who will work best for you. Before you buy, you have some homework to do: First off - figure out what you can afford. You could talk to a loan officer, but since they only get paid when your loan closes they are anxious for you to be ready to do something. You can use financial calculators on line to determine what your limit is... Check your credit scores. They need to be good to get a mortgage these days. If they aren't, then you need to get those in better shape before buying a house. Know your combined income and all of your debts and payments. What you can qualify for is likely to be governed by the 28/36 rule (and if it isn't, it should be). You can spend up to 28% of your gross monthly income on a mortgage payment (includes principal, interest, TAXES and insurance). Don't forget to get good estimates of property taxes as they can really affect what you can buy. You can spend up to 36% of your gross monthly income for all of your debt payments (mortgage, car loans, credit cards, student loans, etc.). One of these percentages will limit you. Work backwards from the payment (using a financial calculator) and figure out what you can afford. Determine if you are comfortable with this payment. Just because the numbers say you could handle a $1500/mo. mortgage payment doesn't mean you can. Do some looking on at houses in your price range and see if you like what you see. If not, save and wait. If so, then you are more ready to contact someone. Contact a realtor and tell them exactly what you are looking for. Don't know exactly what you are looking for? Go to several open houses and look at different property styles, etc. When the realtor there asks, tell them honestly what you are doing and don't be pressured (they all know open houses don't sell houses - they are there mostly to make contacts like you). good luck!

    It's a great time to buy, but all of 2008 will be a super time to buy. The economic news will be dismal the entire year. Prices will be down, and after school begins, you'll be able to get a good deal, at least that's how I think it plays out. There are investment companies out there today with millions behind them and they know they can buy at 60 cents on the dollar, but they are waiting to hit 40. What does that tell you? Do you think the subprime mortgage mess has ended? Not all the info for the 4th quarter for 2007 has been revealed, it's coming and it will not be pretty.

    Bed, collar, lead, Tullahoma Tags, bowls, toys, brush, shampoo, good quality puppy dry food, toys, create (if create training), flea treatment, treats, dewormer, I'm sure there are a few things I'm forgetting to mention but all the basics are there. Also as soon as you bring it home take it to the vet for a health check and get it microchipped and put onto heartworm. I personally use revolution as it does heartworm, fleas, eggs, larvae, ear mite and sarcoptic mites. It is a topical treatment applied to the back of the neck once a month for life. With dewormer pups under 12 weeks should be wormed every 2 weeks, from 12 weeks to 6 months it should be done once a month and from 6 months it needs to be done every 6 months for life.

    It's definitely a buyers market. You can be sure that you can get a good deal if you have already gotten approved for a mortgage. Prices could drop soon in the future but noone can predict what the market will do, there are alot of factors to consider. I found this site that helps first time home buyers, you might want to check it out: Hope this helps!

    The property market is still going up and will be for the next few months. Especially for the landed ones. If you have the intention to buy/rent any property, do feel free to contact me for an Non-obligatory discussion.

    Depends on what part of the country you are in..... some areas still hurting.

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