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    I always ask and answer questions here. So I am hoping you might ba able to help me I asked in the Car section. but didnt get any help.Thanks ahead if time Right now we have a 2004 mitsubishi Galant. We still Owe 5200 on this car. we bought this car in august 2008.I found the car that I was originally look for(Pontiac G6) for only 10,095. It is at the same dealership as the first. How would they do this. And would we still be able to keep the payments under 200. Right now our payment are 176 a month. Are these good cars with children. My daughter is 22 months. And the back seat of the galant. ths middle is raised and I dont like the way her car seat fits.

    You would trade in your old car for the new. You still owe 5200 on the old car plus 10095 on the new one for a total of 15295 less the trade in value, lets say $4000, leaving your loan at $11,295. Unless you have money to put down I don't think you will be under $200 maybe $250ish depending on the interest rate and the trade in value you get. They need to decide that the value of the new car is worth the full $11295 in order to finance it though. Your best bet is to get them to take the price down. Used cars are always over priced. The sticker price on my car was $17000 and I got it down to $14000 although it took all day to do, well worth it in my opinion. Find another car in the area, same make and model, and let them know you are trying to decide between the two. That should get them started. Keep a price in mind, a reasonable one, and don't give in until they find a way to match your price or darn close to it. Since you are trying to keep your payment around $200 figure out what loan amount would get you there and concentrate on that number when you set a price. This calculator will get you close to the right amount for the loan. I don't know what interest rates are at the moment but it would be worth it to shop around on that as well. I got an interest rate 3% lower by using my own bank for the loan rather than the dealership. can't answer about the car seat though, sorry. Your best bet is to take the car seat with you and check it out, there is no reason why you can't.

    Lot will take the galant as trade in - probably less than you owe on the car. The financer of the galant would probably let you make the trade and finance the new amount owing. So if you got 3000 for the galant in trade the extra 2200 you still owe would be added to the Pontiac value, so now you owe 12,295. Call the financer first and ask about trading the gallant (you may not be able to get rid of it unless it is paid off) and if they would finance the pontiac. If that checks out Anderson Mill - then go to the dealer and make your best deal. The amount of the payments will depend on the interest rate and the length of the loan. Payment would probably be 210-250 over a five yr loan. As for safety - I have no idea, but I am sure you can get safety ratings from the internet or even the dealer.

    Sounds to me like you are totally upside down with the Galant...meaning "negative equity". No, your payments will not be the same if you're trading in the Galant. The dealer would have to cover the "negative equity" and this is something they never want to do, unless you have some serious money to put down and are willing to make higher monthly payments. One solution is to move the car seat behind the passenger seat. This way, you can still reach out/over to your daughter. Hope this helps...even if it's not the best news you wanted to hear on car payments.

Risks of financing through car dealerships?

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    Antoinette Macejkovic
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