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    The biggest detail I can give is that I got a full ride at USC and UCLA only gave me 20,000$ which leaves 10,000$ to pay at UCLA. Money isn't that huge of an issue but it does make a bit of a difference... Which school is better and is it worth me paying an extra 10 grand for a UCLA education over a USC education? I know that UCLA is in a good area and USC isn't. I also know that USC has good connections from what I heard. Either way, I'd love to hear your opinion!

    UCLA is the more prestigious school, but if you've got a full ride at USC, I'd go with USC. My mom thinks USC is "a rich kids' football school," but then again, she's a UCLA grad. Money may become a bigger issue for you when you're trying to pay off those student loans. If your parents are rich, you might prefer a down payment on a house when you graduate in preference to a UCLA diploma. To find appropriate colleges use student reviews of colleges by Googling the words "student reviews" and the names of the schools you are interested in (one at time). Also try Googling just the name of each school by itself. Then click where it says “Google reviews.” Also check out: Estimate your chances of getting accepted at any particular school using the Cappex “What are my chances?” calculator. (Note that only your UNWEIGHTED GPA is used for college admissions. SAT scores are using 2400-point three-test system, not the 1600-point two-test SAT.) But keep in mind that the only way to find out for sure is to apply and see what each school says. The admissions process is extremely quirky, and it’s difficult to predict exactly who will get accepted and who won’t. Your chances of getting into any particular school are ZERO…if you don’t send in an application. Common applicants are your friends. Use them. For maximum coverage you will need to use both. Learn about professors You can often find out about on-campus housing at You can find out about fraternities and sororities at more college admissions info

    Hello! I was admitted to both UCLA and USC as a freshman and decided to attend UCLA. Go Bruins! Like you I had a great package at USC, however I talked to many students about financial aid for the entire four years. Many students said their scholarships changed over the time while yes you may have a full ride see if that full ride is guaranteed for the four years, if its not then maybe think about it. UCLA provided me with a great package where yes I had to pay the first year out of pocket but throughout the years here my financial aid got sooooo much better. Also try not to look at the full price because that can be exaggerated to some extent. While we have a ticket price in the 30's look at everything that is included. Look at Tuition first that is mandatory so that will be at the 13k from what I saw recently. Then you have dorms? The pricing for this varies, it can be from 10k- 15 k for the year There are also other parts added to that price Transportation (will you have a car?) Insurance (are you still in your parents if then you can remove 1000 bucks off the price) You may not end up paying 30k for an education at UCLA. Other than that, UCLA was the best decision I had made. I love the campus, the faculty and the opportunities. And also living in West Angleton is ALOT better than where USC is located. Good luck with your decision! Both schools are great, but UCLA is better. :)

    Only idle people spend time to defend for USC or UCLA. An individual makes his/her own life with success or failure. Steve Jobs dropped out from college but is well-known in the world. Who cares about USC? Angleton kids are immature to defend stupidly that USC is better than UCLA. Grow up!

    USC degree is worth the paper it is printed on.

    It depends on your major. Try researching about your major for each school and see with one you like better. Its all up to you to know which school you will fit with better

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  • Cielo Greenholt
    Cielo Greenholt
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    Patricia Walsh
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    Adrianna Veum
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    Nia Block
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    Efrain Lubowitz
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