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    We are first time home buyers, we have yet to visit with a mortgage loan adviser. Between the two of us we will be making aprox. 90 grand a year with decent credit, only one vehicle, credit card and student loan payments (nothing outrageous at all). What would be our estimate price rage we would be looking at for buying a home. What are the main things loan officers look at when applying for a loan? When you've qualified for a loan do you pay that along side of your monthly mortgage? Just a little confused... any info would help. Thanks

    5 answers and no one has told you yet... Rule of thumb is a mortgage between 2x-3x your annual income. That would be between 180k and 270k. Want a better number? Conservative ratios are 28/36. This means that 28% of your gross income can go to a housing payment and no more than 36% of your gross income can go towards servicing your revolving debts. 36% of your income is 2700 28% of your income is 2100 Let's assume that your student loan, credit cards and car loan payments do not exceed 600 per month and you can actually use the 2100 as the basis for a mortgage. That $2100 has to cover PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance and PMI if necessary). We'll assume 1.5% per year of value for real estate taxes (this can be high or low depending upon your area. I've lived in places where it was closer to 4%). We'll assume $1000 per year for insurance (can also be high or low). Now let's assume a decent credit rating (720) that will qualify you for a decent rate and keep the loan below a jumbo (hard to get right now) and we'll assume that your interest rate is 6.5% on a 30-year fixed rate loan. Also assume you put down 20% (no PMI, the PMI would come out of the 2100 PITI figure). Your mortgage shouldn't exceed ~$250,000 which means with 20% down you would be looking at $312,500 as a maximum, needing $62,500 to put down and about another $10,000 for closing costs. Mortgage calculators, available almost everywhere (including Yahoo! finance), will let you play with all of this stuff. Here's a great idea. Assume for a minute that your payment will be ~$2000 a month. Subtract your rent from that and then put the difference into a savings account. It would be like paying that mortgage. Do this for 6 months. If it's comfortable, you know you can afford it. If it isn't, you might want to buy less house! It lets you try out the mortgage and generates savings at the same time!! Good luck! ps - anyone tells you can borrow more or have a lower payment and something really isn't quite right. Please don't get an ARM or an interest only loan.

    Obviously you are very eager to start shopping. When you meet with the mortgage adviser they will ask you about how much money you have coming in versus how much you are paying out (over time on things like loans and credit cards). They will also ask you for your social security numbers to run your credit and ask you to prove your income with past tax returns and/or pay stubs. They will then determine what amount you will likely qualify for but 9 times out of ten it will be more than you want to borrow because they payment would be to high for you to swallow. When you go and speak to the mortgage adviser have a payment range in mind of what you would be willing to spend every month in repayment of the loan. It is Aspermont to consider the high end because on a fixed rate your payment will stay close to the same amount for the term of the loan, while your income will likely rise. If you want to figure out how much your payments would be see the link below, but don't forget about taxes, insurance and private mortgage insurance. After you get a good faith estimate from that mortgage broker, go to 1 or 2 others to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere!

    The main things that are looked at is you income, employment, debts and credit scores. Price range will depend on what payment you are comfortable with. You will likely "qualify" for more than you want to pay every month. So you'll need to talk about that first. Your monthly mortgage, taxes and insurance are all you pay everymonth. The costs for doing the loan are paid for a few different ways, by you, by you rolled in the loan, or by sellers who have agreed to pay your closing costs. Get Prequalified. You can learn more here.......... Good Luck OBA™

    I am not into real estate but before you go and see a mortgage adviser try to see how much the homes in the neighborhood are going for. As prices are concerned, the mortgage adviser will be more than delighted to help you out in making your first purchase properly. As for the credit cards and the student loan, every single payment of of these two must be paid and you must have an excellent credit rating with both of them. If for any chance, you have missed any payments, they will find out and most properly deny you to be home owner.

    Unfortunately you do not supply sufficient to give you a price point with any degree of accuracy. In order to give you that information one needs some specifics such as source of income, total of required minimum monthly payments on revolving and installment debts, the middle score for the lowest scoring borrower, and the amount of money you will have available for your down payment and closing costs. Lenders look for a 2 year history in your profession or for you to be now working in your field of study (if you just graduated), they look for the assigned score that meets the individual program criteria, they look at your payment and debt to income ratios, they look for an acceptable and verifiable source of funds to close and any necessary cash reserves. When you qualify for and close on the loan that IS your monthly mortgage payment.

    First thing to do is get prequalified by a loan officer is a bank or a mortgage company. That will tell how much you can be approved for. And your loan package is always transferable to another company if you find lower points and interest rate. I'm confused about your last question.

    The absolute best way to turn him on is to surprise him. Make the move on him in an unusual location or setting. Break any scheduling habits you may have also. The more you talk about it, he will probably grow uncomfortable. If you play the feminist point of view...He is not going to go for it.

    Consult with a real estate broker that is why he/she is there.

What happens when you can't pay your small business loan?

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