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    So the idea has been in the back of head for a minute now. I have a couple of questions though. 1. Wheres a good site to read on about repaying my student loans via the Navy. 2. I'd like to join as an officer but do not have the grades that necessarily impress. If any of you guys answering this were in the same boat (college undergrad going to navy, etc.) then add any other information you feel is important.

    For information on the loan repayment program, look at this page: initial active duty service commitment of enlistees who choose loan repayment does not accrue potentially very valuable 9/11 GI Bill educational benefits that can be used for a graduate or professional degree and include up to 36 months of tuition at the state resident rate at a public university or up to $17,500 per year for tuition at private university plus up to 36 months of E-5 with dependents tax free housing allowance, BAH. Navy OCS: are OPO(officer program officers) in every Navy Recruiting District. of the District web sites no longer have a web page describing officer programs. To locate a way to contact the OPO look on the "Contact" page. For instance, NRD San Francisco just removed all information on Officer Programs from its website. But clicking the "Contact Us" button on the home page reveals the contact information for the OPO: O-1 to O- in 24 months; O-2 to O-3 in another 24 months. All officers are entitled to BAH, the tax free housing allowance. Single enlisted Sailors ranking below E-5(USN) and/or with less than four years service are not entitled to BAH and live in the barracks. Select location from the drop down menu to calculate BAH. Might want to consider commissioning in other service branches. Of the DoD service branches, the Marines by far commission the highest percentage of officers through OCS. Good Luck!

    There are no loan repayment programs in the Navy for Officers that I know of. Enlisted loan repayment programs come and go. They are used as a recruiting tool. What's available today might not be available next month. If you get a college degree then at least get a job that's fitting. Working down in the hole or on the deck is bad enough but doing it and having a degree is worse. Get into something like one of the Cryptology Technician ratings.

    Does your college have a Navy ROTC program? If so, you may have overlooked the most obvious way to become a navy officer after graduation as well as a source of information. If there is an ROTC program there, contact the advisor. You may also be able to enlist with a reserved slot for officer training once you complete boot camp. An enlisted recruiter may be able to help you with that option. Word of caution: GET EVERYTHING Beeville WRITING!!!!!

    Cody, have you ever heard of a NAVY recruiter? Call one.

How can I build my credit?

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    Soledad Littel
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  • Domenico Stark
    Domenico Stark
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  • Tomas Herzog
    Tomas Herzog
    Asking for a "secured" credit card.