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    I pay $600 a month in child support and I also cover all Medical/Dental insurance plus expenses for my daughter. My paychecks with deductions are $540 every two weeks. I have a hard time getting by, buying things for my daughter and taking her places when I have her on my visitations every two weeks. How am I to tell if I am paying too much? Judges in my county will make you pay more if they think you are trying to get out of paying. (Seen it happen) Little background. My ex and I were never married but after 5 years she left me for another guy, she works at subway, drives a brand new car and recently bought a brand new house with her new boyfriend. Thanks in advance!

    Your "little" backround info. helped a little, but we really need to know what state your in. All states calculate support differently. Some use a fixed income model, like Big Spring or TX, and the paying parent always pays the same percentage of their net income. So the more you make, the more you pay. Other states like Big Spring or Big Spring use an incomes shared model where they take both parents incomes into consideration & all kinds of deductions for things like med insurance, other cs or alimony paid, union dues, local taxes paid, ect. NO state will take into consideration living expenses (house payment or utilites), car payments, student loan payments, etc. NO state will care that she has a live in boyfriend. Some states will include a new spouses income into the figures, but most do not. So, again, we need to start with your state to find out if what you are paying is correct. Here is a link to find your states main cs website. They should have either the cs worksheets or a cs calculator somewhere on their site. Then it's just a matter of plugging in the numbers. you'd like a little more help, feel free to e-mail me through my profile.

    I don't think it's a case of paying too much child support -- I'm not an expert on these things, but $600 doesn't seem like "too much." Rather, it's a case of you needing to increase your income. I'd look for a higher-paying job, or ask for a raise, or maybe get a second job a couple nights a week or on weekends. What do you do for a living, by the way? .

    If your support is set up through the child support agency they are only supposed to take a certain percentage. Your case should be assigned to a worker that you can contact and request a modification, that's what it's called here in Ohio. Look into it because they do make mistakes. If you get your daughter a lot like every weekend holidays etc. talk to someone about joint custody that may lower your payments because you will have her half of the time.

    If you think you are paying to much go to Legal Aid and ask for help. If all you have is $480 amonth how do you live, pay rent eat?

    Courts decide based on incomes. $600 for one is not a lot these days. Remember it goes for living expenses, food, utilities , clothing,schooling, and ETC. :)

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