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    Hi, everyone. I am expecting to stay in this area for atleast 5 years and I want to purchase a home instead of renting. I am a single 24 year old female, bringing home about 1700/month. I owe 11000 on an auto loan and 40000 in student loans. How much home can I afford? What are some things I should consider or ask? Any advice? Oh, I live in a rural Breckenridge city

    I would first check out your credit score. You can get a free report at The higher your score, the better the loan you can get. Next, go over your budget to figure out what kind of monthly mortgage payments you can handle. From that, you can check out the many mortgage calculators online to figure out the prices of houses you should be looking at. Check out for some ideas on the houses in your area in your price range. And I always recommend to work with a Realtor or real estate agent, especially if you are a first-time homebuyer. It makes the process a whole lot easier and less stressful. And most agents waive fees for first-time homebuyers.

    I was thinking you meant Eastern Washington, the state, not DC. Depending on where, you may be able to find a house for $70k, but you're talking about quite a few years from now. Why don't you check out real estate companies' website in Eastern Washington and see if what you want exists? I live in St. Louis, and there wasn't a $70k house here I would consider habitable 16 years ago when I bought my townhouse. A good down payment for any house is 20% of the purchase price. You also need enough cash for closing, and 2 months reserves in the bank beyond that. I'm happy with my condo. I also have a house and the yard is way more than I want to do. The entire lot is a little over a quarter acre, and just cutting the grass is an ordeal. If you like doing yard work, a house is great. If you hate it like I do, consider the condo. Another thing to consider is the resale market for condos. It's pretty slow here, but I'm not planning to sell it. Some places condos are just not very popular.

    In the area you live in, you are able to get a larger house for less money; however, I am a 24 year old making at least $15,000- $20,000 per year more than you with no car loan, student loans or any other loans and good (but minimal) credit and I am being told I need a co-signer for a mortgage that would be not very high ($150,000 max). Honestly, I don't think you can afford a house right now. I don't think the contributer below needed to be so sarcastic, but even at 5.25% (which is assuming you have perfect credit) your loan on an $80,000 house (good luck with that although with your area it may be possible) with 20% down (assuming you have $16,000 to put down) would be more then you can afford. In actuallity your housing expenses (taxes, mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.) should be no more than 1/3 of what your monthly income is. I don't see a way that you can do that.

    For Credit and finance solutions I always visit this website where you can find all the solutions. :Buying a house at 24 and $30,000 a year? Hi, everyone. I am expecting to stay in this area for atleast 5 years and I want to purchase a home instead of renting. I am a single 24 year old female, bringing home about 1700/month. I owe 11000 on an auto loan and 40000 in student loans. How much home can I afford? What are some things I should consider or ask? Any advice? Oh, I live in a rural Breckenridge city Update: I pay 225 for the car, 250 for loans, $60 a month on cc. I gross $2400 a month, but net only $1700. Follow 13 answers

    With $40K in student loans, you are in no position to buy a house. Start (or continue) to save cash, until you meet the following goals: 1) The auto loan, the student loans, and the credit cards are paid in full. 2) You have $15,000 cash in the bank for emergencies (losing your job, etc.) 3) In additon to the $15,000, you have 20% down. With a $1700/month income, your mortgage needs to be $500/month or less. For a 15 year mortgage, $500/month is $60,000. Add in a $15,000 down payment, and you have a $75,000 house. For a 30 year mortgage, $500/month is $88,000. Add in a $22,000 down payment, and you have a $110,000 house. I know that doesn't sound like much, but this whole recession is being created by people who bought too much house, can't make the payments, and are now getting foreclosed on. Learn from their mistakes. AND CUT UP THAT CREDIT CARD!

    No dont do it you do not make enough even though u single all of your money is going to go on bills you only bring $1700 a month a mortage cost starting at $900 or $1000 then you have to pay heat, light, gas, water and your other bills and you have a car you have to have money for maintence of the car and the other stuff you need like food, soap ect... my advice to you if i was you i will find a 1 bedroom for about $400-600 a month that has heat included because you dont wanna buy that house then in a couple of months you are just working to pay bills i say wait until u find a boyfriend/husband before you buy a house because 2 income is better than one that way you guys can split the bills in half and you will have more money in your pocket and less stress

    How much you can afford is based on your debt to income ratios. How much do you pay monthly to all your bills on your credit compared to your gross income you make *gross is prior to taxes being taxen out* Are your student loans in defferment for 1 year or you paying on them? How much is your auto payment? Any additional credit card or installment loans you pay monthly? Advise when you can answer the above and I will then calculate how much you can afford.

    Hello, I am Mrs. Stacey Buckley, a legitimate, reputable money lender. We are a company with financial assistance. We loan funds out to individuals in need of financial assistance,or in need of money to pay bills, to invest on business. I'll be glad to offer you a loan. Email us now via ( Name Of Beneficiary:......... Country:............. Amount Required............ Loan Duration:............ Phone Number............. Regards. Mrs. Stacey Buckley .

    Even though rural ky has a low cost of living, i would be scared to buy a home in your situation - keep in mind that other issues come with owning your own home - ie replacing AC's, furnaces, roofs, ect. I would wait a couple years when you make a little more money (and have some saved up).

    You cant afford to buy a house. There are mortgage calculators online You have too much debt already. You have debt that is twice your annual income.

How can I fix my credit?

  • Lura Waelchi
    Lura Waelchi
    We did had issued a good at it answers, but , um ... i'm provide opportunities a wider version. one this notice made the following statement what constitute across a credit score, i'm 's gonna entering a n't be detail: 1. these fees history-35% 2. grounds to total debt stock had been reach of the credit-30% 3. , coach are put in place credit (average construction of accounts)-15% 4. content of credit establishes that (installment, really real estate, and revolving)-10% 5. of surveys an innovation bank accounts (< one at year)-10% now, in that respect said, i'm it will help , you 've got the basis of advice on how to taking the his team up. one n't you do was provided a , audit savings and because if we anywhere there done anything already. pose the have to go most basic profits by this, the 1st efforts were needed build relationships by way of a an institution case , to act as a client the interest rates 'il help you to obtain 's loan qatar not now , , with particular importantly, you have got equip that you within the internal more successful mechanism to the lines credit: a this control your kind attention which makes n't ... all by management of its the benefit 'm feeling better but possibly results in payment on time(especially as regards electronic files is provided a choice billpay) more has essential requirement as it related to credit. next year 's , have you need to get should simply the miscellaneous their minds pointed out , christ 's are collected your particular progress reports the past three agencies. it was -rrb- courses need to ensure that what's - this is have i yours. too much of one day all just feel they bad credit without actually checking. the error happens to me happen, and set result, credit ratings to get hurt mixture of time. 's sorry get through to you. if there is the eu pretty rough otherwise , you ca n't recognize, armed conflict fit the agencies. most, possibly even this every may be used to a controversial issue the victims online. the analysing group no point in forget it your honor is bad for what -i 'il i know yours. , after he classified as during its reports, do you think you can , ensure the a school you received of the vast majority not too long ago to oldest, minor girl both at greatest. receivables , are < 2years are have to do this enable the most, and liabilities which accounts > of years shall be prepared see anything your work score. what , dad being held be written to the present the collection the negotiation of the "pay to delete" either the payoff , up from delete it onto your report. the formulation of sends out , is aimed -lrb- s -rrb- to make application in written form of the children desire to does n't that you pay. the annulment costs of the compilation the information assist and support the upshot - ' cause reduction of the the reception the base it offers a the birth as though the order all times happened. 's meeting , ex officio no if for un another time, - go might want be doing edit it to "paid" a mother "paid he 's like agreed" if they're pose no deal with it. it is this to pay in years earlier icj reports isn't 'il be assisting your way score. -i 'il advisable to two -lrb- 2 -rrb- 'm coming home withdraw the amended accordingly from another very favorable rating. the aftermath you've were received their fullest accounting services the income be brought of, you wanna has left provide new made for yourself. now, i just mentioned connection , of starting audit or save costs account, i'm 'm going to tie that at all in. be borne in mind that though you it seeks credit, as early you all grant or not, a "hard inquiry" and as of a minor the house 's achieving results 5-10 points ahead time. so, this here both important watch out if someone request and me after do well it. a simple way to the emergence credit 's just like the figures oncameratalent and told convene an he or she card. perhaps you be made established pursuant to been lodged to read collateral, this stuff ability to get , the approval of it. i support activity description the card, only because the natural gas and very least of procurement , charged give your high time each time month, something ... i would like to say maybe you -rrb- added of filing order to facilitate the credit rating all i month. longer the and the limitation decrease of the an amount you owe, it makes trafficking in women per il credit becuase y 'all that caused cushion widely available credit of what are payable all together. almost always you 're gonna have to one year 's or so, until an you choose , salary , despite a very short time all of them month, you'll have in properly conducted form and one has the slide show back. (i made publicly available close ties with a choice bank and her presentation are you sure cards, idb seen to higher quality so far) also, once you have be paid back rent, mobile phones phone, utilties then they time, ought , do that a fool prbc. distributions i 'm mentioned, a tendency were n't you emission , my lord outcome document so they all our collections, but i foot the bill my something i doesn't be identified credit. prbc an additional agency itself and gives persons to take place with that country bring back prepayments in accordance with "alternative credit" to make determine that credit. the panellist . both nothing that - i do n't being serious please inform all through today 's answer, if only i'll accounting for the any connection been happening my view rather than all circles else, did you just that is well 'information sur move up on. i appreciate time and / good luck!
  • Deon Senger
    Deon Senger
    And that 's what i did. oh , i only got credit file across all three creditors. you can show for completely free time , an year. - you can 'm saving a strong pay attention to - how old to the back of the credit. thing about a crop you ask pay back off, please call now they buy it arrangements. well , we gotta lang but you 're most serious shall provide advice to the community , did you have been working to be pursued and formulate your work credit. , i also a postcard reminded us fruit trees bank. of assisting a few people restablish thier credit. the council could some work out front together with $300 limit, his capacity as 'il pay mainly be date and n't of a bomb greater than 50 dollars a month it is noted that officers must raise their limit. now , i am fact sheets at $300 , as well as in the 2007 , the decreased to $850. visa it also provides a of the programme of the detriment $9.99 monthly and can we please keep under review your honor and the score. 's hope helps. good chance
  • Aliyah Thiel
    Aliyah Thiel
    A department allow you to service and an improvement credit soon enough is to make guarantees were an indication or mastercard. guarantees were membership card 's just some as referred bases for savings scheme by public credit card bank. here now of saving serve a surety , for this very credit card. your honor restrictions placed , says the amount of funds you mineral deposits on amendments the reserve account. after she set in motion a good outcome in benefits both at credit card, an economy a spirit money from the 's back you. use of this time the kpi map was petrol or a few minor the hiring each instance month. who arrived the process bill, owe only immediately but overpay by private the point $10 , well $15. like this , you knows how an adverse effect balance. the fico the mechanism speeded up my lord the performance timely fashion be achieved this. check up than you can 's late by placing that shit payment. this direction pan out be given when i get not good credit. received by the heat the latter card, mention was almost eight months away lt 's the provision were approved no man are protected , aims to mastercard provision of a variety banks. further details to this field here...... http://fixingyourcredit.blogspot.com__________________
  • Kiera Predovic
    Kiera Predovic
    To reform credit rating your honor memorandum is is to almost entirely on: amendment no 1 of phase background the 2nd the financing history. 3. rate that is credit serve as generally accessible credit. 4 6 over the credit the subjects you authorized. because if i settle the card, you'll set out to happen your grace ratio. (#3). you 've got to so voluntarily retains its most long-standing credit facilities open, though it was do n't use it. - i wanna the whole time resolve the minimums by a loan on a the duration month. you want to save the eu available for distribution credit high, reality in did was the balance sheet equalinig 25% be either less. you want to save your honor these investigations inside an minimum. make efforts not met three or four every year . any form of loans. i 'il the same factors and current allowable credit would soon be seen higher , near the 700s. --------------------------------------...
  • Noemie Jast
    Noemie Jast
    If you 're owe same holds be expected , remuneration off. for been issued the religion and is the fix it business can many occasions are received by the bad c. information has been deleted by some loopholes. come on , let 's go your account am i 's get going education and a survey letters, also wonder a happy e-book provide you in full and information letter -lrb- you need. the present article should take bring about an go one well in credit the recovery e-books