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    Been in community college for 3yrs and have full aid plus extra for school books. graduating nxt year and the only 3 schools in Buda for my major is over 20,000 a year not including room and board. I believe from the calculator on college board my EFC is 0 more than likely going to visit and apply to the schools in the next year so my question is what are my chances of fafsa paying for my entire education and when you say pell grant or something could you explain what that is (ill also apply for scholarships at my school now in the fall and tell fafsa if i received money) if you need to know the schools are Post university Mitchell University University of Hartford

    What are you chances of FAFSA paying for everything? 0% chance. FAFSA gives $5,500 max in pell grants (free money basically, you don't have to pay it back) and I believe around $10,000 max in loans with deferred interest. Your EFC of zero tells colleges that they need to give you loans and grants. The chances of the university paying for everything varies. Say the COA (cost of attendance) is 30,000 (for tuition, room and board, books, ect) and you get 5,500 in pell grants (and no loans) so you have left $24,500. With an EFC of zero, colleges that promise to meet 100% of need will somehow cover the $24,500. Most colleges will use a combination of grants, loans, and work study. One college may give you say $18,000 in grants, $2000 in work study, and $4500 in loans. Either way they "cover" 100% of your need, even if that means loans. But they generally keep loans very minimal or nothing for people with an EFC of zero, but it depends on the college's policy (and work study generally does not exceed $2500 for anyone). So, there is a good chance colleges will cover all or at least most of your COA. EDIT: A side note about scholarships: If you get a scholarship you have to report it to the college and then they adjust your financial aide so that you aren't getting more than you "need." Before you apply for scholarships look at the colleges' policies. Some colleges take any scholarship you get off your loan (say you have a 2000 loan but you get a 500 scholarship then they will give you a 1500 loan). This is a good policy. Although you should note that once you exceed your loan amount (say you have a 2500 scholarship and 2000 loan, you have a 500 surplus) they take that 500 out of your grants so you should just stop applying for scholarships since scholarships and grants are free money. On the other hand, some colleges take what you get from your scholarship out of your grants (say you have a 10,000 grant and a 2000 scholarship they will just end up giving you a 8000 grant instead). If that is the policy only apply for scholarships if the scholarship exceeds your grant money, if it doesn't it is pointless to apply for scholarships since you are getting the same amount of "free money" just from a different source. Hope that helps! EDIT: Yeah there is. Usually on their website on the finaid section it will say something like, "We commit ourselves to meeting 100% of each student's need." Then they will usually give more detail like if your family makes under 60,000 we cap loans at 5000 and do not expect a family contribution or whatever. You can also just call them and ask about how they meet each student's need, if they meet 100% of need, ect.

    Maximum faculties are "prefer blind" in admissions and don't evaluate skill to pay in making admission judgements. with the ability to attend college is yet another remember. The applicant has to barter a sufficient financial kit with the school if the applicant would not have sufficient different financial components. The richest colleges (that are many times the main prestigious and the main selective) frequently make it conceivable for any pupil who's admitted to attend. some state universities have an identical coverage for their state citizens. colleges with fewer financial components will possibly no longer have the skill to furnish a sufficient financial kit to each pupil who's admitted and a pupil who can't get the money at the same time won't have the skill to attend and can have his or her place taken by somebody on the waiting record.

What is the fastest way to bring up my credit score?

  • Anissa Sanford
    Anissa Sanford
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  • Damaris Harvey
    Damaris Harvey
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    Lauriane Langworth
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    Reynold Rath
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