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    When i use the affordable home calculator, such as this one What do i count in monthly debt? Such credit cards, car, and other loans? or do i consider things like food, water/electric/gas/cable/phone....? When using the calculator monthly debt makes a huge difference in the house price. My wife and i would have a combined income of around $100,000. Any idea how much we would get approved for?

    The easiest rule-of-thumb answer is that you should be able to afford a house that is 2 to 3 times your income. So if you and your wife have a combined income of $100K, you could possibly get approved for a loan for $200,000 to $300,000. In these times, it might be wiser to take the larger of your two incomes and multiply THAT by 2 or 3, using that as the maximum loan amount you saddle yourselves with. That would mean less house, of course, but it would also mean less strain on your monthly budget and the ability to funnel more money into savings. It might mean the difference between thriving in these troubled times, or merely surviving. Typically, lenders don't want you to carry more than 36% of your GROSS (before tax) monthly income as debt. That would include your mortgage (and other related housing costs, including homeowners' insurance, homeowners association fees, any PMI or HELOC payments, etc.), your car loan, and any other debts you carry (student loans, credit cards, other loans). It won't count utilities or food or gas for your car. In your calculations as you try to figure how much house you can afford, don't forget that if you can't put 20% down as a downpayment toward the house you buy, you will have to either pay for PMI (private mortgage insurance) or immediately get a 2nd mortgage or HELOC in order to avoid paying PMI. Also, in figuring your monthly expenses with respect to how much house you can afford, don't overlook that you MAY have to pay homeowners association fees, depending on where you buy. Most townhome and condo complexes have these, but they're increasingly common for single-family home neighborhoods as well. These fees could range from $50 to $300 PER MONTH, on top of your mortgage, your 2nd mortgage (if you have to get one), your homeowners insurance, and your real estate taxes. Typically speaking, your mortgage is going to translate to $6-$7 per every $1,000 that you finance. So if you borrow $200,000, your mortage payment will be around $1,200 to $1,400. That would be for your primary mortgage. Just don't overlook the additional costs, as well as the closing costs you'll pay at closing (usually 3-5% of the cost of the house).

    Cnn Affordable Home Calculator

    The best site I use is They have mortgage calculators and also a calculator that tells you how much "house you can afford." Call a local bank and ask if they can prequalify you over the phone to give you an idea of how much home they think you can afford - taking into account debts. They generally let you go up to about 40% of your income (including the mortgage) in debt. However, it's wise not to exceed 30%. For example, I recently prequalified for about $25-30K more than I plan to acutally purchase on a home. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

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    You count only the monthly debts that show on your credit report and proposed housing expenses such as the payment + taxes monthly, insurances monthly and PMI monthly I am a mortgage banker in Corinth & KY

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