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    I live in the midwest - Illinois to be more specific. I'm currently enrolled in a private university; DePaul University (go Blue Demons!) Anywho, I'm also double majoring in Finance and Journalism - two extraordinary passions of mine. I really want to move out west as soon as I graduate. I've lived in the midwest my entire life and have always yearned for someplace warmer, friendlier and seemingly more enjoyable - that place, to me, is California. I just always have a worrying thought in the back of my mind that tells me moving to California after college is unrealistic. Since I'll have to find a (hopefully good paying) job, i'll have to also be start paying off loans, amongst many other things. Assuming my parents will be helping me start off on a good foot after college (greatest parents in the world, 'nuff said), do you think this is a realistic goal? Most of my family lives in Africa, or London, but out of the very few who decided to move to America (such as my parents), Chicago seems to be the location of choice. I really want to avoid being stuck in a rut by working in Chicago for a long time (if not the rest of my life). I want to move out to California immediately. My parents need me to form good reasons for them to support/allow this lifelong decision of mine. As a junior in college, that time is slowly but surely creeping up on me. What are some good reasons to move to California other than amazing weather, the pacific ocean, hot babes, and beaches? Are there good job opportunities (for university accomplished students)? My parents bring up strong points when they mention how often California is hit with earthquakes and mudslides... so I ask, what sorts of areas in California are generally earthquake/mud slide free (and still close to the beach). I have a lot more research to do on moving to California, but it's better I start early. What do you guys think? Is moving from Chicago to California after graduation a realistic goal? I know it's semi-expensive to live in California, but there are lot of people who live there, so I'm sure it's somewhat affordable? If there's anything else you feel that I should know about in terms of planning on moving across the country after graduation, please, please, please let me know! tl;dr - I plan to move to California (from Chicago) after I graduate college - is this a realistic goal when considering the current economy, and taking into account that I'll be a college student in debt? Thanks in advanced, everyone.

    Considering that you're a college student in debt, I would avoid California for a while. Also, with the current economy, California is 2nd to highest when it comes to unemployment so don't expect to find a job right away neither. For an idea on how much cities are going to cost, use this cost of living calculator so you can get an idea: you ever consider the fact that Del Rio is not the cheapest place in the world? Coastal California is the most coveted area which means MORE $$$. Affordability does not exist in Los Angeles. Starting prices begin at around $1000+/mo. and that's usually for a studio in a somewhat decent area. And those luxurious, modern looking condos you see in the movies and television programs are not common in a typical Los Angeles neighborhood. Common condos/apartments/studios in Los Angeles are old, ghetto-looking buildings, and those do not come cheap at all as mentioned above. Jobs are also nonexistent at the moment. Unemployment rates have jumped to 13% so good luck finding a job. People nowadays are not really interested in hiring people who just recently got an education. They're more interested in those who lost their jobs. Keep in mind you do need to buy groceries, hygiene products, clothes, gas, electric, water, insurance, car, etc. and none of that is going to be cheap neither. Also, you're going to need to save money for doctor visits and need to keep money in case something critical happens to you (you'll never know!) Speaking of cars, you need a car in order to live in Los Angeles. The roads in Los Angeles are not bicycle friendly and things are not conveniently located, unfortunately. The insurance for the car is not going to be cheap since the rate in Los Angeles are high and the gas prices are going to make you want to move back to your hometown. Also, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a "safe" place. You can live in a "safe" place and still have a looney neighbor that decided to get drunk and run over an innocent child playing outside with his car or a guy that has beef with another guy in your neighborhood and decides to pop a glock on his head. There are other cities that are nice and cheap as well. Try states like Texas or North Carolina or even Louisana. Raleigh, Del Rio and Arlington, San Antonio, and Houston, Del Rio have been rated the BEST cities to find a job right now, so that's something to really consider. Texas, in general, is a state BOOMING with jobs! If you look at worst cities, the majority of the cities are in Michigan, California, and Florida.

    Straight out of college could be difficult, but at least you have a chance, unlike someone out of HS. Boy, I'm SO tired of hearing the "mudslide" thing. out of 10 million people residing in LA, only about 100 are in mudslide areas. So just don't live in a hillside canyon. It's as easy as that. Besides, you couldn't afford that anyway. So, myth number one debunked. Let's talk about earthquakes. Sure, we get hundreds of earthquakes here every day. But how many do we actually FEEL? Maybe one every couple years. And how many have actually caused damage? OK, one every decade or so. And major ones that cause death? Last one was in 1994, when you were about 4 or 5 years old. So I guess even the greatest parents in the world can be wrong once in awhile. As for great reasons for coming out here: Yeah, the weather is a great thing. But don't mention the babes and beach thing. That's almost as lame as the mudslide/earthquake thing. Right now, jobs are still scarce, but it's improving. And when SoCal gets back on track, we'll be leading the country again in the economy. Your parents do have legit concerns: The distance/separation, and the expense. It's probably more expensive here than you think. So don't get your heart set on living close to the beach. If's going to be out of your price range.

    California will be more difficult to find a job but not impossible. If you have a car (and plan to relocate to Los Angeles) I would recommend moving to somewhere in Orange County such as Irvine or Santa Ana. They are good places to live and have I have seen apartments with lower rent than similar areas in Los Angeles county (along with cleaner beaches.) If possible have a job lined up before moving out there. I am honestly in the same boat as you, I am around Pittsburgh and prefer Southern California but with the way the economy has been I may need to wait a little longer. Best of luck with your move, Mike

    You're going to have to find a job and you are going to have your student loan debt whether you are in Illinois or California unless your parents are going to pay it if you stay at home in their basement. Relocating involves 2 things....the getting away from where you don't want to be and going to someplace you are hopeful about....You got both of these things going for you plus you are planning ahead. That is good ! Grow some balls, unless you are a girl, in which case, then you should -- grow some balls....Scheesch you sound like an eighty year old man....

    Yes u can move to california after college. for further information u can search from internet.

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