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    Ive stayed up all night researching cars and Im literally in love with the 2007 infiniti M35x. The next in line is the Audi A4 2.0t quattro. My dad has a ML350 Mercedes and he may give it to me when I get my permit since he might get a new car and he always talks about "if I were to get a new car it would be volkswagen" "i like audi" etc. Hes offered to get my sister a used car but she declined. Im trying to get a used infiniti from 2007. I checked (some official site that gives everything on cars) and there are used Infiniti M35x's near me for only $10,500!! I calculated my dads car and its a ML 350 mercedes from 2003 and it says its worth, if I trade it in to a dealer, will be about 8-9 thousand. But I havent checked on how much mileage is on it. So at least 7000. However my friends told me that the dealer would want more so he can make a profit but thats fine. How does the process work though? Will I be able to pay a monthly fee? If so that would be great because I cant come up with 10 grand on the spot. Roughly how much would my downpayment be? Also would I be able to choose the plan? Like 3 year payment plan or 5 year payment plan. I know the more amount of years the less monthly pay. I want to do that so that when Im in college, I will be able to have some sort of job and be able to pay off the rest of the car while Im in college. So my plan is to trade in my dad's car if he gives it to me, get the money from that dealer, go to the other dealer, pay the downpayment, and then set up an installment plan over the next 4-5 years. Can I choose my plan or do they restrict me to a specific plan? I have to get my permit first obviously and I will be turning 17 in 6 months. P.S- I read some other posts and some people say that Im a minor so therefore I will not be able to sign the loan papers. I dont even plan on trading in my dads car until Im 17 1/2 years old or older. Im 16 1/2 and I still havent gotten my permit. My mom doesnt want me to get one until I finish my SATs. So I would probably finish it next year october which puts me at 17 1/2 and then I can trade in my dad's car for my 18th birthday which is on May 1st. My friend said the more downpayment I pay, the less per month I will pay in the plan.

    M35x is a pretty good car. I wouldn't recommend any german cars yet because they're maintenance heavy. Volkswagen's and Audi's constantly have electrical problems but they're still great cars. I just wouldn't buy one until I can easily come up with 2-3k on the spot for a repair. But back to the M35x... I'd just keep the Mercedes honestly. Its a pretty nice SUV if you ask me and theres always that risk that a few months after buying the infiniti, 100000 warning lights come on especially if it's a 2007 for around 10k

    P.S- I read some other posts and some people say that Im a minor so therefore I will not be able to sign the loan papers. I dont even plan on trading in my dads car until Im 17 1/2 years old or older. Im 16 1/2 and I still havent gotten my permit. My mom doesnt want me to get one until I finish my SATs. So I would probably finish it next year october which puts me at 17 1/2 and then I can trade in my dad's car for my 18th birthday which is on May 1st. My friend said the more downpayment I pay, the less per month I will pay in the plan. ----- You're trying, but it's STILL coming down to The Bank of Mom and Dad to get you this deal, even when you are legal. You still won't have stable long-term income (min wage jobs don't qualify nor do $500 credit cards) nor would you have relevant credit history to bother with a car loan. What about this idea that you are NOT getting a loan or trading a car in on your own are you not getting??? This plan isn't happening, period.

    WOW First the car does not belong to you, it belongs to your dad so it is his choice to trade it in. Second, you have to 18 to enter into a legal binding contract. Even you pay cash you still have to be 18 to buy a car. You are spending way too much time on this if you can not buy a car for another 1.5 years.

    Dude, stop posting the same question. Do some homework. Are you spoiled ? im not trying to be a dick, but you honestly are acting like a spoiled brat. YOU ARE RECIEVING A FREE CAR, and on top of that, ITS A DAMN MERCEDES. If your dad offered you an old friggin buick you should be jumping up and down that your getting a free car !! LIKE WTF If i was your dad, and i GAVE you my MERCEDES, and you tried to trade it in, lets just say YOU'D BE GOING TO LIVE WITH GRANDMA. CAUSE YOU AINT LIVING DeSoto MY HOUSE ungrateful. people like you grow up to be the people that piss me off

Is my car loan company acting legally?

  • Justina Kerluke
    Justina Kerluke
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  • Jamil Kunze
    Jamil Kunze
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  • Katheryn Vandervort
    Katheryn Vandervort
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  • Chadd Hickle
    Chadd Hickle
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  • Joany Ortiz
    Joany Ortiz
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  • Madaline Barrows
    Madaline Barrows
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  • Vernice Mosciski
    Vernice Mosciski
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