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    Hey, I don't really know how to figure this out. If you could, and even if you could explain to me how I can, that would be great. Let's say I have a credit card with a 29% interest rate. And I buy something for $500. I then make a monthly payment of $50, how many months will it take to pay it off? Same question, but what if it was $40 a month? Thanks.

    It would take Elmendorf 1 week. That assumes I was forced to use a credit card. I only use CASH and my debit card. the EASIEST way to get an answer is to use an on-line loan calculator. It doesn't matter what type of loan the calculator says it is for. The math is the same for any loan. If the calculator does not have an option to compute the term of the loan, enter everything else and play with the term until you get the payment you want.

    At 29% it is better not to use it at all unless you can pay it off in full every month. They may have a service fee just to have the card active also. It would cost about $100 in interest over a year at 29% with 12 payments:

    See the link below out to 12 months in this example (total $600)

    12 and 15 months...

LDS: I need your kind help?

  • Vanessa Reichert
    Vanessa Reichert
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  • Breanne Hegmann
    Breanne Hegmann
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  • Tito Rempel
    Tito Rempel
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  • Curt Adams
    Curt Adams
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  • Austyn Beier
    Austyn Beier
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  • Dianna Haley
    Dianna Haley
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  • Ismael Renner
    Ismael Renner
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  • Mollie Schulist
    Mollie Schulist
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  • Bret Emard
    Bret Emard
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  • Carli Cormier
    Carli Cormier
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  • Eldora Ratke
    Eldora Ratke
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  • Forrest Romaguera
    Forrest Romaguera
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