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    Whats the child Support for a 2 year boy, me and my x just separate yesterday, and i what to know what the amount so that i can come into a agreement with her or how mush should i give her a month and is there any tips that can help me past to this chapter in my life faster......... I forgot i don't have any legal papers to b here no ssn# california id, i get paid cash $350-$400 weekly i live in california Flower Mound my x really did not work the 3 1/2 years we were together. & if i give here any money its going to b paid in money order thanks for all your help i know that all of this will past and iam going to look back at it and laugh

    Child Support Calculator Support Laws - At What Age Does Child Support Stop?

    Depends on the basic needs of the child, How much is she paying for rent/bills, daycare, medical/dental insurance? All of those things come into play when calculating child support.

    You are in trouble with no legal papers,see an attorney fast.

Private student loan advice?

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    Mariah Franecki
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    Maxwell Orn
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    Monique Reinger
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