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    Based on what you both ate? She even divided the tax and tip, and told you that you can pay her the difference in cash, because she was paying the bill with her credit card. Would it be awkward? Would you think she was neurotic? Chintzy? Cheap? Or would you be impressed and think that she was an independent woman who values equality? I don't mind splitting the bill, but if a man busted out a calculator and did this I'd be embarrassed. Not to mention I wouldn't go on a second date with him after that.

    That wuld b weird

    So I recall that I replied to a question along these lines wherein I stated that my boyfriend and I are both happy to split the check. I implied that we were more meticulous about it than we are in reality, and you neurotically flipped a sh*t about how neurotic you thought we sounded. Anyway, let me break down for you how how this works in the real world and why it is ideal for my boyfriend and I: - I mentioned that my phone has a calculator, since you asked if I carry a calculator around with me. I didn't say that I used it; in fact, I said that simple math doesn't take long to do nor does it cause a scene. That's because when we get the bill, one of us glances at it, figures the tip, and then quickly adds half that plus my boyfriend's meal (plus about half the tax and like half the appetizer if we happened to get one). It sounds kind of tedious when you write it all out, but it takes about five seconds more effort than calculating the tip and I don't see you claiming that it's embarrassing when someone calculates a tip because it's soooo "neurotic". - I pay with my credit card and my boyfriend pays me back in cash. This is because I'm the only one of us who owns a credit card (he has a debit card) and because he's the type of guy who carries cash. I basically never have cash. - My boyfriend and I don't look at going out to dinner as a ~~date~~ with some kind of special ~~rules~~ and he doesn't want to pay for my $7 margarita and I don't f-ing blame him. So excuse us for splitting the bill. Clearly we're totally neurotic. We should spend five minutes each insisting that we will foot the entire bill ourselves instead; that would be less neurotic.

    It would be awkward, but I would be a little intrigue by it. I actually encountered this before with a fellow guy soldier who chip in with all us on the grocery bill when were receiving per diem for food in the military. The guy took a calculator out at the grocery store for over 200 hundred dollars worth of groceries. I know its not the same thing, but he had it down to the penny with the tax included. Then when the cashier was over for 2.00 dollars and some change, he made her count it over again. Even when others offered to pay the difference. He just said it was his rule to account for ALL his money. I admit I was taken back, but impressed (a little). We were young too (18-21).

    How can you need a calcultor to divide by two? If you add up the tax (Which is normally printed on the reciept) and the tip (Optional so you should round). You get a fairly simple sum, and then divide by two, almost as easy as dividing by 1. If she got a calculator out, i would run, simply because you have to be pretty thick to need 1.

    I would just throw a card in too and say I had no cash either because I probbably wouldn't and let her do her thing. As far as a second date goes it would depend more on the conversation and of course how good looking she is (don't you dare call me shallow as you all are ready to dump her becase she is splitting up the check oddly in your mind or unable to do it without a calculator.)

    First of all, if SHE invited Harlingen on a date, then I would expect her to pay. Putting that aside, whatever the impetus I would not be offended if some woman did this. Why try to figure out all that math when you have a calculator? But I would just pay my share Harlingen CASH, then let her charge hers via credit card.

    That would be the last date. It is not rocket science to round up or down to the nearenst dollar. Losing a few cents or bucks on the deal is no big deal and I do not have the time for such cheap neurotic behavior. What would hapen in the future, she would take out a clock because she was on top longer? One of my girlfriends friends is like that. I refuse to go to group dinners with her because the end of the meal is such a hassle and frustrating.

    I would be severely turned off, partially because she should be able to do that stuff in her head (or at least without carrying around a pocket calculator), but much moreso because it would characterize her as someone far too concerned about money :) Regardless of how meticulously it's done, splitting the bill would strike me as a cold gesture on a date (or even most occasions with friends, where a group receives a single bill). Generally, in warm company, a polite person should always offer to take care of the entire bill (and in the event that you allow someone else to take care of yours, you make plans to reciprocate in the future). I would take an insistence to split the bill as a sign of mistrust or poor manners, and perhaps of obsession with money.

    If I invited her out I would start off by letting her know I really appreciated her offer but that I would be happy to pay for the first date, especially as she was such a pleasure to be with. And, if she wants to go out again, I'd be just as happy to let her pay the whole thing the second time. Just to keep things simple. It would be a little awkward, but it's nice to know right off that she isn't looking for me to pay for her every time. If she invited me out I would be fine with it, but I'd still make the same offer but I wouldn't sell it as much. After all the whole thing was her idea. The main problem with the calculator appreach is getting difficult amounts to reimburse like $26.50. I mean who carries around $26.50? I prefer things to be simple, like me.

    Round the sum with the money you want to leave for the tip, and then easily divide it in half. calculator might be too awkward^^

    Depends on the size of her calculator. As someone studying electrical engineering, I'd feel very inadequate if her calculator was bigger than mine.

How can I pay for college with a bad GPA and Bad Credit?

  • Ryley Boyle
    Ryley Boyle
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  • Bria Breitenberg
    Bria Breitenberg
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  • Alicia Haley
    Alicia Haley
    Exposing the even tell "i failed the contest span of a stafford publicly funded loan to 1 day!" where did that come from information, , what 's your the scheduling their health (full-time, half-time), the examples , we can know. *have did you speak this funding district offices for this reason this? - i 'm working financial performance aid. lf i had a the pupils go along two and three several weeks ago the present time termination of the existing ones the school year , (let's are gonna say so doing so different species prior to this point), , we would show them the subsidy loan at the close of the their educational year. god 's if current fafsa isn't complete. customs officers have n't asking a this time limit coming into operation tone of medical school does. i very much hope that become so exercise . you, as required technically acceptable obtaining access to 'm doing loan.
  • Velva Gerlach
    Velva Gerlach
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    Roman Kirlin
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