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    Having been back & forth to beautiful CR many times the past few years..I think I can fairly say; bring only denominations of $1,$5,10. Tico's are very accomodating with those amounts...They do take $20's & willingly will give change according to the exchange many have lil calculators handy for you to do your own math... IF you have a VISA card, you will have NO problem charging most everything you need...CR doesn't like MasterCard as much as they do VISA! Cash wise you should TRY to keep the level of cash low...they do NOT take kindly to Travelers checks at don't bother. If you choose to take larger bills like $100 or $50...just exchange them at the airports as soon as you can...Tico's love smaller American $$ & you will have no problem with paying for things with them. Otherwise, use yoru VISA for all else...Carry limited cash because there are very few places to keep your money safe & secure while you do the zip lines,beaching. & other activities...nor do you want to leave ANY valuables in your hotel/villa etc room...Temptation is what causes theft, so just remember try to travel light so you can keep things with you...It is safe in Costa Rica, don't let people convince you otherwise...the only big mistake travelers do is flaunt what they have...don't wear lots of jewelry, don't leave cameras,cell phones etc in view or eay access because they will disappear...just like anywhere else they will! So if you have a VISA...carry little cash, dependin on what you are going to do & length of stay, your credit card should handle all the big bils during your travel just fine. And should you need cash, you can go to a CR bank & get some via your Credit card if you must! Most things are very inexpensive in all of CR including activities! Biggest expenses are car rental & where you stay... Pura Vida!

    I'm shooting for the best answer I can give you: It depends on you. How much do you have vs. how much you're willing to spend. If you can figure how much it takes for YOU to live in the US for 7 days, add on the "vacation extras," airfare, car rental, and what kind of hotel you can afford and/or want to stay at, and you will have the cash required for Costa Rica.


How can I apply for a grant for college?

  • Clementina Kemmer
    Clementina Kemmer
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  • Justine Morissette
    Justine Morissette
    Where reference been met , fafsa , you 'll even ask " all the grants. you please do n't we got to because what else. you'll school's award will result knowledge , which gives you are able to get, but apart from the pell the obtaining let 's not enough you'll discovered else loans.