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    You answered your own question and didn't even know it. " i don't have a checking account" go set one up........... it's PROVEN that 90% of people who live life without checking accounts have around a 500 to 550 credit score and are generally late on at least ONE bill per month. This is because they don't care enough to keep good track of their finances for one, and for two, they rely on a calculator or pen and paper IF THAT... they have no idea where their money is going or not going... Get a damned bank account so you can access it online and keep track of your money.. you may even find money you never knew you had once you figure out how to budget your earnings..... ITS NOT HARD just takes time.... the banks are open monday............. go to one during lunch, or wake up early before work / school...........

    I would call a few local banks and ask. i believe they will not let you cash a check unless you or the check writer have an account there. if you have a local bank account, you can cash it there, and take out the money if you have funds to cover the check in case it bounces (that is the bank policy, im not saying your moms check is going to bounce). if you can't cash it at a bank, it would be cheaper to cash it at a grocery store vs. a check cashing place (check cashing places have high fees). good luck.

    There are check cashing/pay day loan places that will cash your check. If it is a personal check it will cost more up to 10%. Also, you can try the bank that it is issued from.

    Go with your Ingleside to the Bank that the check was written from and they must cash for you.

    Take it to the bank the check is drawn on. They should be obligated to cash it with proper Ingleside from you.

    You can cash it at ACE cash express.

Where can I get a private student loan with sub-par credit and no cosigner?

  • Berta Rolfson
    Berta Rolfson
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  • Alene Lang
    Alene Lang
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  • Aisha Kulas
    Aisha Kulas
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    Casimer Anderson
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    Ilene Rowe
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