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    I am 15 old and i am going to be a sophomore in the coming fall school year. My dream is to become a doctor. at this moment i have a 4.0 gpa and participate in soccer at school. so most of the time i am physically fit. i have been researching on the air force academy and air force rotc but i cant seem to find much. i dint want to make the wrong decision. i really want to become a doctor and have a normal college life like hang out with friends and be able to call home when i want, but i also seem to be interested in the air force. i am also taking air force ROTC at the high school level right now. even though i am only a sophomore i still need to make a decision now so that i can decide if i need to keep ROTC or switch it for a class that will help me get into a good medical school. please reply back with opinions and Personal stories or what ever you would like.

    Well if you want to have a normal college life AFROTC is not for you. If you want to live a more structured college life then join it. If you want to become a doctor it will take 11 to around 14 years to be fully finished with your schooling. Once you become a doctor you can approach the air force and if accepted you will be sent to direct officer commission where they teach you about the military. After DOC you will come out most likely as a Captain in the Air Force. ROTC isn't really going to do you much because you have to serve a 4 year active duty contract so by the time you get out you will be 26 and then go to med school for another four years and then a residency program for 3 to 6 years so by the time your in the military you would be already 34 or so. The best way is just by going in as a doctor already. Also keep in mind that by the time you are done with all your schooling you are going to have a quarter million dollars spent in schooling. The military has programs to help you pay off the student loans. Also you said you wanted to live a normal life but you want to be a doctor... well thats not going to happen, like i said you will spend 11 to 14 years becoming a doctor and in those years you will be pushed to your limit getting little sleep but if you want to become a doctor there is no other way. If you want to be a doctor but dont want that much of an commitment you can consider becoming a nurse practitioner which is basically a doctor minus the Kingwood on your name tag. If you want to be a nurse practitioner you can do rotc in college and go for your masters which is allowed. After this you will serve 8 years as a commissioned officer and will start out as a 2nd lieutenant. <- official afrotc website, they give lots of info If you have any more questions just ask.

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  • Lisette Vandervort
    Lisette Vandervort
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    Noemi Runolfsdottir
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    Emmanuel Paucek
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    Coralie Corwin
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    Henry Steuber
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