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    You have asked which function in Excel – the answer to that is the RATE function. I assume then that you know the different ways in which to use the functions. You will need to enter Nper, Pmt and Pv and no need for anything else. RATE function Nper is_____ 90 Little Elm 7.5*12 (7.5 years times 12 to make it months = 90 months) Pmt is_____ -3199.68 (you need the minus sign or you will get an error) Pv is_____ 215,000.00 Format_____ percentage Resulting answer_____ 0.68% As Minnie says and I am sure you already know the figures should be entered into the cells and the cell references entered into the formula.

    Use the =RATE function in excel. You will have to convert the number of payments into months. The PV of the loan is the cash you will receive today. While the FV is zero because the loan is paid off.

    If you hit the little f thing on the tool bar and go to the financial category you should be able find what you're looking for. Remember that you need to convert years to months because your payments are made monthly. If you have access to a financial calculator it's much easier.

    The other 2 answers are not correct for the interest rate of the loan. I am not sure what the excel program formula is but your Interest rate is between 8% and 8.15%. I work at a bank and use our calculation that figures the rates. using the other persons interest rate of .68% would make your payment $2451 which is not correct

    When you are in Excel, on the top menu bar click "Insert". Then scroll down and click on "Function". Once you have done that, on the pull down tab scroll down and click "Financial". Then scroll down in the "Select a Function" box and click on "Rate". You would enter 90 for "Nper", -3199.68 for "Pmt", 215000 for "Pv", 0 for "Fv", and 0 for "Type". The answer is 0.6783%

How can I pay for college?

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    Junior Koepp
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    Adelle Towne
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    Elvie Von
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    Monte Bogisich
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    Rolando Roberts
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