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    Result: Monthly payment: 30 Years Interest rate: 7.500% Loan amount: $ 90,000.00 $ 629.29 a month

    There is such a thing as being house rich and cash poor. You have to decide what is best for you, but leverage is the reason people put as little down on property as they possibly can. You should check with a mortagage broker to find out what loan programs you are qualified for. Some are very fortunate and with the proper credit scores can get a 100# financing for the purchase of their home. You will need the following when you see the mortage broker. #1 One month of pay stubs for each person on the mortgage #2 Two years federal income tax as well as the W-2's for the same years #3 6 months of bank statements from each of the banks you do business with. Now your house will appreciate in value over a certain period of time. You will be able to deduct, your federal taxes, the interest and county taxes as well as any points and fees you paid to get your loan. So if you can get away with it, place as few of your hard earned dollars into your house as possible. If you feel as if you need to place something down keep it under or around 20%. In my opinion the tax benefits and interest on your money invested elsewhere out weigh putting down more than 20% down. As a matter of fact have you considered a duplex with a renter to assist you in paying your mortgage payment. Banks and lenders consider 1-4 units as a single family home so you would be getting the same interest rate. Your net worth would also increase with the purchase. I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck. "FIGHT ON"

    Depending on the tax rate assuming a fixed rate your looking at a total payment in the neighborhood of about $1050 per month total. I am basing that on the San Antonio McKinney property tax rate. A licensed Realtor in your area can give you a more accurate estimate because they know the area and the fees etc. Krishna Perkins Realtor New Home Locators

    Besides the mortgage, insurance and taxes will have to be added to the payment. That might add $200 or $300 more per month. Your payments will probably be $850-$950/month.

    First answer only includes the principal and interest ... and it assumes the rate is fixed. you need to add about 1/10th of the annual tax bill and 1/10th the annual insurance bill to cover your escrow. these vary by location, so ask before you buy. also, if you are required to buy mortgage insurance, that is added onto the payment. can't imagine it adding more than $20/month though.

    There needs to be more info given here. Are you looking at an interest only payment or one that includes the prinicpal too? The other things you need to consider are property taxes and insurance! Those need to be a part of your monthly payment.

    Interest only payment will be $562.50. This will be without impounds( taxes and insurance). Principal and interest will be $629.30. (Without impounds) I used my mortgage calculator but you can look up mortgage calculators online

    Your monthly payments would be $620.29 per month. total interest payed would be $136.545.50 Fortnight payment would be $290.31per fortnight. Interest payed would be $136,444.51 Weekly payment would be $145.13 per week and interest payed would be $136,401.23 Hope this helps you can go to to most bank web sits they have a home loan calcutator. Eg

    About $629 a month give or take. You can find mortgage calculators online.

    You could be looking at 700$, However please keep in mind that your credit score is taken into consideration and the type of loan that the company places you in. Where are you loacated. Go to a Primerica Financial office in your area and you will be pleased. don't jump into this if you have no clue talk to one of these reps first.

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