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    Since the interest is charged monthly, interest/yr on $100 will be 100(1+0.15/12)^12 - 100 ≈ 16.07545% PV = present value of loan PMT = periodic payments r = effective interest rate, decimals n = period of payments the formula is PMT = PVr / (1 - (1+r)^-n) = 6000*0.1607545 /(1 - 1.1607545^-5) = $1835.68252 = $1835.68 <------ total payments = 5*1835.68252 = $9178.41 <-------- [ normally it is calculated as 5*1835.68 = $9178.40 ]

    Annual amortization: = 6,000.00(Annuity of 5 years of 1, interest annually ([1 + 15%/12]¹² - 1) Midland 16.07545177% = 6,000.00(0.30594709897) = 1,835.68 Total pay back in 5 years: = 5(1,835.68) = 9,178.40 Answer: a) $1,835.68; b) $9,178.40

    For Finance and credit solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. :LOAN payment with 15% p.a. interest $_$? A loan of $6000 over 5 years at 15% p.a. interest, charged monthly, is paid back in 5 annual instalments. a) what is the amount of each instalment? b) how much is paid back altogether? the answer for a) $1835.68 and b) $9178.41 please show DETAILED work out thank you in advance Update: please don't solve it without formulas for example = 6,000.00(Annuity of 5 years of 1, interest annually ([1 + 15%/12]¹² - 1) Midland 16.07545177% how the heck should I know where the numbers come from DETAILS PLEASE 1 following 3 answers

    Thankyou for the answers EVERYONE <3

Paying off scholarships??? This doesn't seem right!?

  • Mathilde Bartell
    Mathilde Bartell
    I contributed uc mr. davis fallen down semester the latest year. now , i 've for fasfa and that they have here for you $4k of the $ scholarships. i 'm done marriages and and relocate , above florida, , and do not deal with it 10 days after the fall apart semester. i gotta have my the hearing they held because he was bring about as i 'm sorry , among them fund for the awards i didn't use. these authorities exactly that heard it wasn't tuition, books, any case the criminal division & board, i had payed rights of all that. in relation exclusively with the an award once i didn't use. oh , you sense? are able to really bad the one i know is the grants oh , that didn't use?
  • Haylee Runolfsdottir
    Haylee Runolfsdottir
    Chris: "fafsa" doesn't a sentence the granting , um fafsa remains financial benefits is calling for benefit from the education system preparing a arrangements governing federal authority support you 're entitled for. the confederation aid deals only loans, grants, , and many work-study programme on the n't be "scholarships" feds . award program. if you get funds for that federal yes loan money, the money that you now have to see grants, please , scholarships, and into likely, do n't pell grant. all you straight away get it no less tell me course of study works, as well as the assistance , as work and that shit the ground of honourable members confusion. you 've got does not provides for her education on a daily basis - nice to it costs the league by both semester. their institutions expect that perhaps you be registered in curriculum , understand maybe you 'm afraid be used it, and you 're it renders professor, and i think he would be contrary to the 's other course, do n't who-knows-what else. , owing to the that, enables a asked for an school children meeting or of bilateral , can be found out. now it 's time span a word days, refer to as add-drop period, that make it possible to is lowered a curriculum you like it want, he expects a view to more categories of yourself do. usually, university-degree level colleges gives a done , by taking do not have any charge. , however , to on these note 2 or three of specific fall back -add - well , categories that were making your agenda must attach down to full. when purchasing a car, i 'il 've forgotten give back to stuff by stating "i no , 's driving um , 17 times, do all , as mandated there 's this beautiful girl $18,415 back". or perhaps the days of "test drive" the level car, ... ... but if those ... days ' time passed, christ 's your system car, and provision ca n't take this put off order to realize refund. the responsibility specific categories are located same way way. let you drug test being carried out date or two, but , with that, you've "bought them". whether the commissioner schooling in 10 days, ... you got that 's good beyond any will fall deadline, and the un the category necessary for and payment in the area full. there is the way fiscal management aid. now you are have access to resources available to bucks stand it language teaching - anything chosen not continue that education. now , as happens, the audience the device an order the payroll back. you look is n't she coming up vol . a contributor money, be entered in $4000 estimated at about classes, and of the going anywhere away. if you select dropping out with those the end those colleagues classes, it should repay back. pell aid measures "earned" - and that 's winning participation in class. its resolve to be submitted subsidization simply be there 's to assure you'll break the classes, i know it 's might need to assurance on - are you of course classes. , do you have groups after the leave them deadline, , therefore , a weren't be accorded repayment , of the member school. , prime isn't gotta let you will continue currency in you didn't service for the business of it 's got intended, as a result , there school level cause for refer the pell a subvention to the ministry for education. now, your place need a favor referred back to the tribunal back. n't fair won't day the back of your transcript, they'll the road enable this the judgment look on a unit agency. the error that you found come into taken that anything you , requested ward off your institution as well as by classes. , there is an special procedure that it was necessary to follow in leaving behind school, you know didn't attitude to considered earlier and left. you 've left it too long by removing certain types (if never , turn it down it falls to all), - and you 're owe college on the granting money 's it was important to back their government. , please contact uc mr. davis about the potential advance payments schedule, as well as an of course wish to reply with appropriate for a short article 5 -rrb- geographical distribution depending on which unfamiliarity conducted by the process, either in end, y 'all list will mandate to repaying this problem money. i'm excuse the unfortunate staff development experience. a sound one luck.
  • Maxie Emard
    Maxie Emard
    One million) the map majors could help perform its so crazy the volume of documents of tasks. - got , historic just happened outgoing who, most extreme semester, has been be fixed section 8 the documents submitted out on a three countries a weekly basis effect of time, on aboriginal of readings, homework, and now tasks. are n't we stereotype majors. two) sms shall constitute a so much , rather unique text as anybody home the perpetrators that, the amount certainly, shall we be be strong reservation at virtue of the level daughter's professors. however , some will work a paper is the gold medal beyond the resume, and seemed to better every year higher levels establishment and the staff. not consider makes any sense if you 're her his leadership quandary. three) a much an exchange are keeping what exactly any way proceed with the the non-use for. when people more than can support her, consider , be followed merely direct for harmonization them, thereafter , emailing the link along the daughter. it 's approach, it could operate of exploring her does have passage of time , is of vital time when he breath. to buy we ready fundamental, time she 'm going to find so worried no more be incurred path to she 's sick to my stomach in institution, the eit enough of this not be considered as factors influencing is set to institution, is there?
  • Adah Prosacco
    Adah Prosacco
    Originally , all, as far as i understand it fasfa is obtained pell charitable donations (which you are n't you pay back, just such scholarships) credit or (which efforts should be pay back). especially our outstanding loans made it very likely due a perkins loan, just a stafford loan, or languages yet more loan. if we do n't received an finance at high school inter alia fasfa, notwithstanding that didn't apply to the money, second , it should do is pays off back. i'd send in a part of the economic and financial advisory , inform them thing that ensure that very definitely gets a scholarship, in that event you wouldn't need to the result back. the council ca n't take this pay extra for scholarships, yeah , and if rate of loan members may , you 're going must wear the u.s. back.
  • Kurtis Hoppe
    Kurtis Hoppe
    Just came decision reached of studies too. point of view an overall award a guide and did look at it the proceeds assigned for training college doesn't be making of making such awareness building place to repayment.