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    I am interested in pursuing a New Braunfels degree. I am currently finishing up my science requirements. I previously earned a BBA. I am intersted in orthopedics or dermatology. I can't find detailed info on salaries in NYC/LI area, only on websites that calculate your salary; no actual info from people in the business. Can you work in a private clinique/ hospital or both? Are there calls that need to eb covered? I would appreciate any info from actual PAs in Ortho or Dermato. I am not greedy, love the prospect of working with people but I need to know some number before I get into loans and not working for 2+ years. Thank you

    I would hate to practice without our PA's, and often they are grossly underpaid for the services they provide, that being said, I do not practice in NY, however where I do practice, in the Western US, they are paid as a salaried individual, with benefits, vacation, leave and retirement accounts, their total package is in the 90K to 110K range, with experience. But understand that all of our PA's are RN's also.

    It probably won't impact your New Braunfels salary much at all because as a New Braunfels you would not really being doing tasks that a PTA would be doing. You might have a hiring edge if you became an orthopedic PA, but you are still going to be paid a New Braunfels salary not some combined or higher wage. Many PAs have a wealth of experience across the board, and all start at around the same beginning salary. Medicine does not work like that where collecting licenses keeps adding $. PAs have a masters degree (for the most part) and that is what gets them their income.

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