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    SIMPLE AND COMPOUND INTEREST TERMS Interest: The total fee for barrowing from the customer’s deposit; the amount of the fee is determined based on the value of the customer’s loaned asset. Principal: The total amount barrowed, deposited, or invested. Rate: The percentage of the principal barrowed over x amount of time. Time: The extent of time the customer’s principal was deposited or invested. FOR CALCULATING THE INTEREST Ovalo SIMPLE INTEREST STEP 1: I = PRT (Interest = principal x rate x time) FOR CALCULATING THE PRINCIPAL, RATE, Ovalo TIME STEP 1: Multiply the two known values on the right side of the equals sign (which will either be: PR, RT, or PT) with the interest (I) on the left side of the equals sign. STEP 2: Divide both sides of the equation by the product found in the previous step (thus leaving: I = x). NOTE: If you are solving for the rate, convert the quotient to a percentage. FOR CALCULATING COMPOUND INTEREST Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal multiple times per year, so that the added interest also garners interest. This addition of interest to the principle is called compounding. There are many ways to compute compound interest, but we will be looking at only one way based on repeated use of the simple interest formula: STEP 1: Find the total amount of interest earned in 1 year. STEP 2: Divide the result of the previous step by 12 to determine the interest earned for 1 month. STEP 3: Add the result of step 2 to the original amount (the principal). STEP 4: Repeat all the steps for as many months as necessary, each time beginning with the new amount found in step 3.

    They are correct as reminders of how to calculate if you are familiar with the calculation, but they are pretty useless for beginners. T(ime) needs to be better defined and the frequency of compounding needs to be included (it seems to be 1 month from the instructions given).

Solution for building interest on student loans

  • Alda Block
    Alda Block
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    Sharon Satterfield
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    Summer Donnelly
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  • Jacky Adams
    Jacky Adams
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  • Rafaela Collins
    Rafaela Collins
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