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    I am receiving $3,200 from DL Stafford Sub loan $2,000 from DL Stafford unsub loan $2,000 federal work study (do I work on campus, do I have an interest rate with it? Would I have to pay it that same year?) $2,000 from federal perkins loan. The thing is the college calculate I would only be able to pay $3,000 so I feel bad that my aid assistance looked for loans and then I decided not to take half of them. I'm not planning on taking the $2,000 from DL Stafford unsub loan (interest rate), $2,000 from federal work study (I can work where ever I want not on campus and pay it off on my own[without parents help]) or the federal Perkins loan which is $2,000. That means the total would be $7,300 my parents would pay and $2,000 I would pay. Would it be bad I tell them I don't want it even though they calculate we can only pay $3,000??? I mean my dads a construction worker sometimes he makes more money in a year other years he doesn't and this year it's been good so far that's why he said he could be able to pay the $7,300 and would it have to be payed by the end of this year?

    Nancy is correct. I just wanted to add to what she said, that you have to pay your tuition bill by term, and you have to pay it *before* the term starts. So if you plan to start school in the fall, your bill will usually be due in July or August. That means that whatever you end up owing the school, you have to have then. Some schools do allow you to go on a payment plan, where you can spread the cost of the term out over the four months of the term, if that helps. But I mention all this because your dad would need to have the money to pay your tuition and fees before school starts, which may impact whether or not you do take on the loans.

    The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is not what you are expected to pay the school. It is the amount you would be expected to contribute before you would be eligible for need based aid, such as the subsidized and Perkins loans and work study funding you were offered. The amount that you pay the school will be whatever your school charges, minus whatever aid you accept, so it could be considerably more--or less--than $7300. You probably should contact the school to find out what your bill will be before you decline your loans. But, if you decide that you don't need them, then it's perfectly Paris to decline part (or even all) of your aid. No, the school won't be upset if you do--in fact, we always try to encourage students to limit their borrowing as much as possible so you won't have as much a debt burden when you graduate.

    Student loans are set for repayment 6 months after you either quit school or graduate. payments are set on what you borrow, not what you are offered. take whatever isn't a loan first and accept whatever help they are offering

    You start paying it back 6 months after you graduate or drop out, whichever comes first.

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