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    If you can get the same interest rate for 60 and 72 months, take the 72 month term. Since interest rates on auto loans are calculated using simple interest, you can pay the $366.36 (60 month payment) each month, not be penalized for paying more, and pay it off in 60 months. The difference is that when you need that extra $50 per month (difference in the payments), you have the flexibility to only pay $316.93 with the 72 month term. With the 60 month term, you would not have this flexibility.

    Is this a new car or used? New car could go either way but the shorter term is always the better answer for 2 reasons: Less money paid in interest and (especially on used) the value of the car will fall DRAMATICALLY below blue book value before your even done paying for it. For example could you want to pay $316 a month for a 2002 auto with tons of miles on it. You could've had that 60 month auto paid off by now. Pearland you dont want to pay it off, its time for a newer car (2010) whats worse in this case is say you owe $5000 on your 72mo loan, well that 2002 is worth about $1500 now, Mr Dealer will be more than happy to "Roll it" (all $5000 of it) into your new loan....I see it too often it's a vicious cycle hard to get out of!

    I would go witih 60 months. Thats 5 years. I would never finance a car for longer than that. In fact the last new car i purchased i financed for 4 years and paid off in 3 years through multiple payments. After 5 years just about any car has lost the majority of its value and is going to start having some mechanical problems. Do you really want to be making payments on it then as well? I wouldnt.

    I'm very familiar with PSECU, and that i'm able to inform you which you isn't getting any long-term loan on an older motor vehicle. no longer ineffective specific on what PSECU considers an "older" motor vehicle, because of the fact the credit crunch of overdue has replaced the guidelines for each guy or woman, yet mileage and the variety 3 hundred and sixty 5 days will come into play. In different words, you isn't getting a seventy two-month loan on a 10-3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous automobile with 100K miles. with a view to additionally be seen for an prolonged-term loan, you like very sturdy credit. If the automobile is sturdy on the lender's border of what they're going to evaluate for the term, all of it comes all the way down to the borrower's credit. because of the fact the motor vehicle you're observing is interior the value variety you state, this tells me you're observing something fairly greater recent (till it is a luxurious motor vehicle or activities automobile). and persons who took out a seventy two-month loan on a $5000 automobile have been morons. There are some lenders who will try this, yet value out the wazoo on the linked fee. And, via the time they have paid it off, they paid double/triple what the automobile is worth.

    Never buy a car with that long a lease. By the time you pay for it, it will not be worth what you pay for it. It starts rusting the day it rolls out of the agency. Also, make sure you buy 'Gap' insurance if you do not listen to me.

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    Lazaro Beier
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    Colby McLaughlin
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    Isadore Gulgowski
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    Juanita Jenkins
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    Clara Heathcote
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