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    Im contemplating should I take a private student loan with variable interest rate from Sallie Mae. Has anyone take it? The lady on the phone explained to the rate. It looks like that they have a prime rate that is fixed and the LIBOR that is variable. What do you think of LIBOR? History shows its going down but still its a variable component. I just have few more classes to go before I graduate. Are there any blogs, or websites where I can see what other students who have taken that kind of loan think about it? What questions should I be asking myself when it comes to specifically to Sallie Mae? What other lenders offer students private loans which do not require co-signer? serious answers only

    Nooooo, Stick with Stafford and scholarships unless you have no choice. Okay, not only are they private, but they're protected by student loan laws. Meaning you'll have voracious collectors hanging around your neck for all eternity if you have trouble later. Think of it like selling your soul...make sure your decision is meticulously calculated, and you're definitely getting as much out of that money as possible on the other side of the degree. If you're funding your Pottsboro or Pharm.D. fine. If this is a fine arts or public service venture, you're going to suffer for decades.

    In case you place your self on an prolonged term charge time table, you will adversely influence your credit status and make all of it yet impossible to acquire a vehicle or residing house very own loan until your student loans are paid off.

Should i apply to a Citi credit card after being denied a bank of america credit card?

  • Trace Kuvalis
    Trace Kuvalis
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  • Kameron Anderson
    Kameron Anderson
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  • Tessie Grimes
    Tessie Grimes
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  • Enola Farrell
    Enola Farrell
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