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    I just want to confirm what interest rates mean as my fiance and I are hoping to buy our first house sometime next year. So if you have a loan that is $160,000 and an interest rate that is 10% does that mean that you have to pay $16,000 extra in interest each year? And then, after a year if you've paid off $20,000 on your mortgage does that mean, for the next year you only have to pay interest on what is left of your mortgage or are you still paying interest on what your loan was to start with? Also how do you find the percentage of something? So, for example, if the interest rate is 7.85% p.a what would that be on a loan of $160,000? Hope that all makes sense! Thank you!!!! :)

    You pay interest on the balance of the loan every month. Every month you'll pay a little bit of the principal balance down which will reduce the amount of the interest paid and increase the amount applied to principal. So you wouldn't pay the full $16,000 in interest the first year but that a pretty good estimate. To calculate the interest multiply the balance owed by the interest rate divided by 12*100 (for monthly interest). So for 160k at 7.85% the first month interest payment is going to be 160,000 * 7.85/1200 or $1047.

    Hello, It is great you are thinking about buying a house. I hate to be the first one to tell you this, but mortage interest is figured on a monthly basis amortized over 30 years. If you bought a house and had a $160,000 mortgage, the interest you would pay over 30 years would be $256,640. Your total repayment with principal and interest combined would be $416,640. You would pay almost 3 times the cost of the house. Hope this helps, Jeff

    No, as when you pay your loan they do put money on the balance and it is done different on the interest, oh my for one if you just make your regular payment it all will not go on that loan and how do you think that 20,000.00 will go on the loan ? for one you really need to just go to a bank and have them tell you how it will work, as i don't think i could get it all in, and still have you get it all. you nee to be able to have a pro tell you and write it on paper for you so you have it to look at. Princeton !

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