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    I am planning to buy a house that the title says 2bed/1bath but currently have 3beds/2 bath. It has additional bedroom, bathroom, formal dining and den that are unpermitted. I went to the city hall to check and they said that the previous owner applied for a permit before but didn't follow up. SHould I still buy the house? Can a city inspector go to the property right now to check if they did it correctly or soemthing needs to be remove?

    Makes the sellers get permits and get the permits fully signed off before you buy. It is far worse than the simple fact that some of the work may be shoddy. What if the addition violates zoning - like it's too close to the neighbor's property line or too tall or too much square footage for the size of the lot. I've seen cities make people cut two feet off of a completed house that was over the setback line. Don't get stuck with the previous owner's problems. Lemmee guess - the house is in California? I bet not getting permits was as much about not wanting to pay their property taxes as it was about not wanting to deal with inspectors. Edited: So it being a Prop 13 dodge is actually encouraging. I'd knock on the neighbors doors and just ask them what they know. You'll quickly learn if any of them are feeling hostile about a setback issue or other problem. Then go to city hall, go to planning dept with the exact address and get the zoning regs. What are the side setbacks, rear setback, front setback, any height restrictions, any square footage limitations, does it have a basement, does this municipality count basements in square footage calcs, coverage restrictions (permeable vs non, so the square footage of the house, garage, driveway , walks, and patios is non-permeable - all that added up and divided by the square footage of the lot is percent coverage and it's easy to bust this number. Go back to the house and start measuring. Be careful, front setback is to property line, not street and it can be dangerous to assume that fences are on property lines, though you can ask about that when you meet the neighbors. Ask if you can speak with an inspector - your chances are way better over the counter than over the phone. It's almost certain that the homeowner violated title 24 - a Roma energy conservation rule. So, if you buy it and get permits and get it inspected will they make you bring it to title 24 compliant - that could get expensive and ruin the house (when you start having to change big windows for smaller ones). You're taking a risk - are you getting a bargain. Is it still a bargain is the cost of dealing with the lack of permits is $3000 minimum and could be $30,000? If so, well, then you have a decision to make. You could find an architect who works in the community that the house is in and is familiar with the local zoning regs, title 24, etc. For a few hours consulting fee he could look at it and tell you what sort of hassle the inspectors might bring you. In my experience, most building inspectors just want you to have a safe home, if you talk to them right, they'll make it as painless as they can. If the house is in Silicon Valley send me a message and I'll tell you an architect that would be a good choice. Of course, many people would ask their mortgage broker if they could get a loan in spite of the lack of permits and go for it if the answer is yes. The building inspector is not going to come knock on the door and demand to inspect the house - in Roma they'd be a lifetime given the huge number of homes with non-permitted construction. But then, someday you will want to sell and then you'll have all this crap again.

    Unless someone complains to the city, or you were to apply for a permit to do some other work on your house (which would cause an inspector to come out and possible pull the old permits on the house), the city will probably never notice that you have an unpermitted addition. However, since the work was not permitted, you should make sure that the work was done by a licensed contractor/electrician. Because, if something were to ever happen, like an electrical fire, your insurance may not cover the damage if the work was done by an unlicensed person. If you ask the owners if the work was done or checked by a professional, they are legeally required to tell you the truth and let you know of any existing problems, but you have to ask! Make sure you have a home inspection done by a professional before you buy the house. Your offer should have a clause written into it that give you an out if he were to find any major problems with the addition or any other section of the house. Good Luck.

    If it was just one room I might gamble, but it sounds here like you are talking about 1/2 of the house. I would try to get the current owners to open a new building permit and get it inspected. At most I would make an offer contingent on it passing a building inspection by the government official responsible for inspecting house construction in that area.

    Don't buy it until you have a certificate of occupancy issued by the city for any and all part of the house. You've already alerted the city to the problem, so they are likely to start proceedings on the homeowner to get inspections. No self-respecting real estate agent or attorney would let you buy that house. That $1600 probably includes fines. Don't do it.

    You had better have it checked by the city building department BEFORE you buy it. Find out what needs to be done to get it permitted and adjust your offering price accordingly. If you don't do that you are buying any problems that may arise from the unpermitted addition and they will be all yours because you are aware of them prior to the sale. You won't be able to go back against the former owner for any unexpected costs. Caveat emptor!

    Buying house unpermitted room

    No don't still buy the hosue. In winnipeg, people have been having problems with this, because the law is getting stiffer. Who knows what the government could do to you if you don't get it. Theyll probably fine you 1100-1200 US per year. And they'll force you to fix all of your problems with "an Approved" contractor. Literally force you.

    I think it would be in your best interest to research the property as thoroughly as you can. It would be devastating if something happened to your home because of their poor workmanship. Furthermore it would be highly upsetting if the city found out about the rooms and assumed you installed them. I would make your concerns known sooner than later.

    Did u end up buying house? i know its been 8 years but im going through same thing

    No u should not buy the house...! make the previous owners change the title . pay less. and tell your re. agent hes an *** ho. then sue

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