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    Okay, so my SAT scores came back today: 530 in Reading 650 in Math 720 in Writing 1900 = Total -GPA is 4.0 unweighted and 5.0 weighted because all of my classes are college-level courses (AP Bio, AP Calc, IB Physics, etc) - participate in 11 extracurricular activities (including sports, television and lots of community service) - have internships with 2 different companies - current high school junior in the IB program - planning on getting a job this summer - volunteer at the hospital every summer I'm looking into applying to University of Michigan, NYU, Emory, UF, JHU, UT, UCLA, University of Miami, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, UConn, Boston Univ., Penn State and WashU at St. Louis to major in pre-med and neuroscience. What are my chances of getting accepted into some of these schools AND getting decent scholarships from them?

    Well the only one that I can tell you about is penn state. Your reading SAT score is kind of low, but luckily penn state looks at all three, and the 1900 is pretty good. I got a 1950 and my GPA was 4.5 weighted, so in terms of GPA, you're fine. Two-thirds of Penn State's admissions decision is based off of your GPA. Your course load is good, and the internships are great. I really think that you should be fine with penn state.'re not likely at penn state. With a student population of 45,000, it's difficult to stand out. (I don't know the exact number of freshman alone though.) But anyway, I don't know anyone going to PSU with a scholarship, unless they got into the honors college. Then it's 3,500 a year I think? Everyone else is only getting a little bit in loans. Hope that helped a little!

    Hii! If you're an out of state applicant, you really have no chance for UCLA or UC Berkeley.... I was rejected from both, and my SATs were a 2200, with your GPA and LOTS of extra-curricular activities. The UCs are known for being tough on out-of-staters! If you're an in-state applicant, may have a chance. Emory is a top-tier school. Last year's valedictorian went there.... I'd say you're pretty set for NYU, UF, and University of Miami I'm not sure about the rest..sorry >__<

    Properly public/inner maximum 4 twelve months college in all sure what you may opt to important in and stumble on a school that has a stable application in that important, to illustrate coaching Texas A&M scientific U Texas at Austin. And basically guessing you flow to college in D/FW? along with your training you're able to be getting some quite intense attempt rankings.

    Assuming your gpa is out of a 4.0 scale here's the schools you will pretty much for sure get into: BU, NYU, university of miami, UF, UConn. the rest are not for sure's but you have a very good shot. i wish i had that transcipt! haha

    I'll give you links to all of these schools and you can figure out your chances from there University of Michigan - - - - Johns Hopkins University - UT: Not sure which Rowlett you're referring to..I'll leave this one blank UCLA - University of Miami - UC: Berkeley - University of Connecticut - Boston University - Blessings

I am about to max out my Stafford loans and have about a year left to finish my BS. Any suggestions?

  • Arlene Rowe
    Arlene Rowe
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    Dell Macejkovic
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    Britney Doyle
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