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    I am only in 8th grade but I was wondering about colleges. My first question is: Is it too early to look? And another question is that I am kinda a little poor and I was wondering would a community college be JUST Sachse GOOD as a 4 year university? And the last question is what are some good colleges in Minnesota. I really don't wanna go out of state when the time comes.

    It's never too early to be curious. Actually, I wish that I did better in high school the SECOND I entered 9th grade, so that I could have gone to a better college. It felt really far away at the time, so I didn't care too much about how well I did. So, it's never too early to get ready for something as huge as college. There are a ton of truely poor kids in college. I can easily think of 4 friends off the top of my head who are getting no financial help for college and are probably more poor than you...And they're going to college anyway. They're going to be in some debt because they will have loans to pay back, but, they understand that it's worth paying for. You high school guidence counsoler should be able to help you understand that loan stuff better. There are university's that have departments that are so bad, that attenting a community college would be the better option. I went to a college where they had a TERRIBLE math department, but 'ol and behold, my local community college had a decent one. I almost failed calc at my university, but when I took it at the local community college, I got a B. The prof was very good....None of the profs in the math department at my university were good at all At the same time, I've heard MANY people complain about that same community college. Alot. Basically, community college's differ in quality like universities do. It really depends. However....I'd say you'd be much more likely to discover that a university will be of better quality than a community college. They'll have more resources and they'll be more likely to attract more dedicated and educated professors. has lots of info on colleges in each state. Good luck hun.

    It's never too early to look. Don't let being poor be an 'excuse'. As long as you keep you grades up, there are thousands of scholarships out there that go begging each year because no applied for them. You can be the one that gets them. Just go to Additionally, if you are poor you can always apply for Federal Pell Grants. What is a grant? In contrast to student loans, a grant is money you do not have to pay back. You asked if a community college as good as a four year university? Not really. It is only a two year school, and most of them focus on technical specialties, not true college courses. However, they are much, much cheaper to attend than a four year college. A lot of students will go to a two year college that is associated with a university, then go on for the last two years to the university. Guess what? The degree from the four year university that they get at the end is the same as if they went to the university for all four years. Only they saved thousands of dollars (in school costs, transportation costs, dorm costs, etc) by going to the community college for the first two years. As I am not from Minnesota, I cannot recommend any specific school. A general recommendation would be to stay with a good Minnesota state university. You may not want to go to the University of Minnesota, but any one of the satellite campuses would be good. When you finally finish college, almost NO ONE cares where you went to college(except for the snobs, and you don't want to work for one of these people anyway). As long as you went to an accredited college, people only care that you finished. Hope this helps.

    It is never too early to gather information. A community college is a great way to economically complete two years of college. Minnesota is a Big Ten school, so it must be strong. Good luck!

    It is NEVER too early to start looking at colleges...!!! follow your heart! community colleges are certainly more affordable, but you will be happier at a 4 year...because of the atmosphere and increase in intensity... from what I've seen of your ambition (with wanting to look into colleges at an early age), I can see you have a drive to learn as far as your third question, I would check out good luck!!! :D

    Cheer Up, Dau'ter. It is never early to think about colleges. Study hard, some scholarship will definitely come up. And have faith on Him.

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    Chesley Mosciski
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